• Innovative Ways to Make Visual IVR Work For You
    Visual IVR merges IVR with digital technology, bringing it to smartphone and other digital device screens to give customers a user-friendly and easy-to-use self-service alternative to voice.
  • DVSAnalytics Announces Salesforce Integration
    DVSAnalytics announced an advanced Salesforce integration for the Encore Workforce Optimization (WFO). The quality management and WFO firm is engineering for the future.
  • Creating Custom IVR Applications for Your Contact Center
    When most people think "IVR," they think of the basic inbound IVR systems that, frankly, don't do the modern IVR justice. Today's IVR systems can do much more and can truly be turned into corporate assets.
  • CallCabinet, Call Journey Unveil Contact Center Solution
    CallCabinet announced a new partnership with Call Journey to introduce conversation analytics to an already robust call recording solution.
  • Increasing Contact Center Efficiency While Reducing Costs
    Modern contact center technologies allow customer service teams to operate much more efficiently to reduce cost per interaction, increase customer satisfaction and brand loyalty and, ultimately, generate revenue opportunities.
  • New Growth and New Customers for 8x8 Contact Center
    The goal of a cloud-based contact center solution should be to enable an optimal customer experience by matching each customer with the best agent, regardless of channel.
  • Getting to Know Your Customers: How IVR Helps Make Surveys Fast and Effective
    How much do you know about your customers, their experiences, and their needs? The fact is, the more you know, the more you are able to adapt your entire business - from product to customer service - to more effectively meet their needs and desires.
  • Promero, BrightPattern Partner to Provide Omnichannel
    BrightPattern and Promero unveiled a new partnership, which brings together a midsize and enterprise contact center software provider and a CX firm with a focus in software sales, service, hosting, customer software development and mobile application development.
  • Are You Leveraging Your Greatest Asset for Advocacy?
    When it comes to customer engagement, there's no better resource than your brand advocates. With so many buying options, advocacy carries more weight than ever.
  • TechnologyOne Turns to Cloud Communications
    Australia-based enterprise software as a service (SaaS) firm TechnologyOne announced the selection of RingCentral's cloud communications platform to proper customer engagement and connect the organization's 1,200 employees spanning 14 offices in six countries.
  • Making Your Entire Organization Part of the Unified Customer Experience
    In building a truly customer-centric operation, businesses must flip the traditional model on its head. Instead of the contact center supporting the rest of the organization, customer service agents are leading the charge with the resources of the entire business at the…
  • Appian Intelligent Contact Center Sees Twilio Addition
    Appian announced a new partnership with Twilio, joining the robust performance of Twilio with the Appian Intelligent Contact Center. The final product: a contact center solution capable of exceeding omnichannel expectations.
  • Is Your Contact Center Ready for Millennials?
    As the first generation of digital natives to enter the workforce, Millennials have changed how businesses interact with customers, which also means forcing them to rethink how the deliver exceptional customer service.
  • TCN, Envision Team Up on Workforce Optimization
    TCN unveiled an integration partnership with Envision resulting in TCN integrating Envision's Click2Coach capabilities with TCN's Agent Gateway dashboard, creating a more comprehensive contact center solution.
  • Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Agents in Your Contact Center?
    Businesses are leveraging AI to facilitate self-service using chatbots, speech recognition, and automation solutions. The question being asked, though, is whether as AI continues to evolve, will it replace human agents altogether?
  • 8 Reasons to Offer a Callback Service in Your Contact Center
    Customer don't like waiting on hold. In fact, 60% of people say even one minute is too long. Short of over-staffing, which no customer service organization wants to do in the interest of cost management, what alternatives are there?
  • A Hybrid Cloud Approach Practical for Contact Centers
    Contact centers are increasingly adopting cloud services and infrastructure. A hybrid approach to cloud services enables organizations to slowly and steadily migrate to the cloud while leveraging existing equipment and systems.
  • Inference Eases Virtual Agent Development and Deployment
    Inference Solutions announced the general availability of Inference Studio's newest version. The newly unveiled solution enables easy access for contact center software providers, enterprises and telecommunication carriers to all that Google's Contact Center AI (CCAI) h…
  • Why Video Can Differentiate Your Customer Experience
    Companies looking to differentiate their customer service - live or self service - should heed the statistics and understand that video is a key communications channel today that has potential to add value to their engagement capabilities.
  • Why You Have to Measure CSAT and How to do it Right
    While the strong majority of businesses say they deliver excellent customer service, customers largely disagree, showing clearly that business beliefs are not in line with customer expectations.
  • CCaaS on Display at Channel Partners
    This week, Channel Partners provided the stage for CoreDial to put omnichanel on display. Demonstrations of the CoreNexa contact center solution will be taking place in booth #545 for the entirety of the event.
  • Are You Mapping Customer Journey?
    In order to fully understand what motivates customers and to be able to adjust processes, it's important to look at and analyze the entire customer journey.
  • Avaya Furthers Partnership with Nuance to Add AI-based Natural Speech to Self-Service
    Self-service is important to the contact center for many reasons. For starters, most people who get in touch with your company WANT to resolve their own issue without the need for waiting to speak with a human agent. Agents would burn out quickly if they answered the sa…
  • Visual Engagement Technology: Overcoming an Over-Reliance on AI in Customer Engagement
    There's little debate that the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has captured the hearts and minds of thought leaders, business people, government regulators, consumers, and virtually every constituency that uses technology.
  • How to Succeed with Proactive IVR Campaigns
    While Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems have been in use for decades and are still a key part of customer service, new technologies including mobility, and a coinciding evolution in customer lifestyles, including an increased demand for self service, are changing…
  • Noble Systems Making Contact Center Migration to Cloud Easy
    A single code base make transitioning any contact center to the cloud an easy process that doesn't require re-training agents.
  • Why Context is Key to a Personalized Customer Experience
    In today's digital age, where just about anything can be accomplished online, customers have taken to self-service options as a first step in problem resolution or locating information.
  • Noble Systems Shines at Enterprise Connect
    Omnichannel contact center solution provider Noble Systems reports a growth in cloud revenue of 40 percent from 2017 to 2018. Showing off cloud capability for Enterprise Connect attendees, the Noble Conversations Analytics Now solution was named a finalist for Enterpris…
  • Using Caller Intent to Enhance Customer Experience
    We live in a new world of customer expectations, where data and analytics rule the day and companies that are able to more effectively turn customer data into actionable intelligence will have a decided competitive advantage. Customers understand they are sharing inform…
  • Five9 Finds Smart Messaging in WEBTEXT
    WEBTEXT announced that is Five9 contact center messaging solution is now commercially available, allowing Five9 customers to leverage Twitter, Facebook Messenger, SMS, MMS and more to enhance customer service delivery.
  • On Hold No More: Callback and InQueue Self-Service Options
    Waiting on hold can be one of the most frustrating experiences for customers and, even if issues are ultimately resolved, there is often a negative perception of an inefficient customer service organization and customer experience. The good news is it doesn't have to…
  • Nuance Unveils New Agent AI Contact Center Bundle
    Nuance unveiled the arrival of a contact center bundle bringing together artificial intelligence and agents to drive productivity via real-time insights and visibility paired with proactive recommendations.
  • 9 Ways Automation Will Improve Customer Experience
    Customer service is overtaking product and price as the determine factor for which brands customers choose. Customers are looking for four key elements from their brand experiences.
  • Radisys Adds Advanced Speech Recognition to Its MediaEngine Product
    As the world becomes more automated and communications become smarter and more analytical, speech recognition becomes a critical element of communications platforms. Artificial intelligence needs it to be able to process information, route calls, automate answers and mo…
  • Eliminating Customer Frustrations with Self-Service Options
    Good self-service options not only solve customers' problems, but they also give customers a sense of accomplishment and reduce the frustration that often accompanies the need to contact customer support. That includes well-designed IVR systems that leverage current tec…
  • NovelVox Unveils Credit Union Unity
    This week, NovelVox unveiled the Credit Union Unity portfolio for contact centers. The newly released suite is geared to meet the specific needs - i.e. workflows and integrations - of credit union contact centers.
  • How IVR Can Boost Profitability
    Modern IVR is full of capabilities that integrate with other business solutions and processes to make the most of customers' time on the phone - for both parties.
  • Bright Pattern, Paxyl Partner to Proliferate Omnichannel Contact Center Presence
    Bright Pattern announced a new partnership with Paxyl Solutions, enabling the new partner to offer mid-market and enterprise customers user-friendly, robust omnichanel contact center solutions.
  • HIMSS to Serve as Stage for Spok Contact Center Solution Release
    Spok Holdings is demonstrating its cloud-native enterprise communications platform that includes a fully integrated healthcare contact center with clinical alerting, alarm management as well as a multi-device application for team messaging at HIMSS this week.
  • How to Identify and Eliminate the Pain Points across the Customer Journey
    Discovering the root cause of a customer experience friction point requires a classification model that incorporates an exhaustive list of that company's products, services, support functions, probable issues and more.
  • The New Digital Workforce is Transforming the Workplace
    The implementation of digital workers like AI and automation is transforming the very nature of human work.
  • Artificial Intelligence Is Driving New Virtual Assistant Tools in Customer Support
    Artificial intelligence (AI) has been revolutionary for solutions that support networking, logistics, diagnosis, public safety and manufacturing. AI has already breached the walls of communications environments, as well, particularly for customer support. Increasingly, …
  • Assessing Contact Center Agents for Empathy Skills
    If you run a contact center, you're probably proud of your agent training program. (If you're not, hopefully you're figuring out a way to change it.) You can teach agents to speak on the phone. You can teach them to use a telephony solution, a headset, a CRM solution, w…
  • Contact Center Serving Solutions to Federal Employees Impacted by Shutdown
    The partial government shutdown is impacting many people in many ways, but Eli Lily and Company is doing what it can to make sure diabetics are receiving much needed discounts to provide health isn't affected by the stubbornness of the two major political parties in thi…
  • Zappix Announces Amazon Alexa Integration
    Zappix announced integration with Amazon Alexa to elevate the customer experience. Unveiled at NRF's BIG Show this week, the new integration will be a boon for self-service.
  • Incessant Tech: Redefining the Future of Work with Digital Automation Strategies
    As businesses continue to undergo their digital transformation projects, many of them are looking to automation as part of the answer. Hear more at Future of Work Expo.
  • Wounded Warrior Project Picks Talkdesk
    Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) announced the selection of Talkdesk's enterprise contact center platform to support the WWP's warrior Resource Center in its efforts of engaging and enabling veterans.
  • Vector Capital to Acquire Aspect Software
    Workforce optimization market leader Aspect Software announced a definitive merger agreement to be purchased by Vector Capital. The deal involves $100 million in Vector equity capital being invested into Aspect, while Aspect's existing lenders continue to enable the clo…
  • More Intelligent, More Intuitive, More Adaptive: Contact Center Software for A New Year
    Heading into 2019, year-end trendspotting is surfacing predictions for the future of nearly every form of technology, and after years of software disruption in the contact center, customer engagement and customer experience industry, one CEO of a fast-growing Denver-bas…
  • Bright Pattern Partners with VION
    Bright Pattern announced a new partnership with VION Consulting. VION will be able to better serve contact centers in the Philippines, India, Malaysia and Singapore as a result.