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NovelVox Unveils Credit Union Unity

February 22, 2019

Customer service in different verticals requires different priorities and requirements.  Healthcare and financial contact centers have lofty compliance regulations to meet, for instance, but contact center solution providers are innovating to meet the unique demands of the complete contact center, customer service landscape.

This week, NovelVox unveiled the Credit Union Unity portfolio for contact centers. The newly released suite is geared to meet the specific needs – i.e. workflows and integrations – of credit union contact centers.

The new release comes in three plans: Credit Union Unity Lite, Credit Union Unity Plus and Credit Union Unity Advance. Each featuring a screen POP feature providing agents real time info on the caller. This feature is credited with reducing average call handling time (AHT) and improving first call resolution (FCR). In addition, management gains access to robust reporting and tracking features triggering notifications to management to take corrective action when required.

"With the launch of Credit Union Unity, we have taken a significant step forward into this very promising and crucial market of credit union contact centers. Regardless of which industry you are in, in order to keep up with the rising market expectations, it is crucial that you keep both—your member's and agent's journey efficient, effective and personalized" explains Amit Gandhi, CEO NovelVox. "We are pleased to bring in new capabilities and technologies built exclusively for credit union contact centers that will prove to be a game-changer. It will let you redefine CX and earn member loyalty by competing with emerging market trends and demands."

The contact center serves as your customer service hub, ready to best provide customers with resolution.

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Edited by Maurice Nagle