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TCN, Envision Team Up on Workforce Optimization

May 08, 2019

With the spotlight on customer service, the contact center is earning attention abound. The call center provides the stage for the barrage of innovation at hand. While, the customer is certainly the focus, employee engagement is critical in achieving expected service levels and it is for this reason workforce optimization solutions are growing in popularity.

TCN unveiled an integration partnership with Envision resulting in TCN integrating Envision’s Click2Coach capabilities with TCN’s Agent Gateway dashboard, creating a more comprehensive contact center solution.

Generally available as TCN Workforce Optimization, the add-on feature allows for the ability to record interactions (voice, screen, workflow data, etc.); workforce management; quality monitoring; robust dashboards; quality monitoring, coaching as well as eLearning.

Advanced speech analytics deliver rich reporting for call center management to review performance and enhance coaching to ensure agents are addressing gaps in product expertise or service delivery.

 "We are excited to work with Envision to take customer experience and contact center performance to new levels," said Terrel Bird, CEO and co-founder of TCN. "With the addition of a cloud multi-tenant workforce optimization application, TCN will continue to help contact centers adapt to evolving customer needs and changing technology over a growing number of communication channels."

In the contact center there is little margin for error, service delivery can determine a lifelong customer or naysayer – the choice is yours.

What’s in your contact center?

Edited by Maurice Nagle