• Appian Intelligent Contact Center Sees Twilio Addition
    Appian announced a new partnership with Twilio, joining the robust performance of Twilio with the Appian Intelligent Contact Center. The final product: a contact center solution capable of exceeding omnichannel expectations.
  • Is Your Contact Center Ready for Millennials?
    As the first generation of digital natives to enter the workforce, Millennials have changed how businesses interact with customers, which also means forcing them to rethink how the deliver exceptional customer service.
  • TCN, Envision Team Up on Workforce Optimization
    TCN unveiled an integration partnership with Envision resulting in TCN integrating Envision's Click2Coach capabilities with TCN's Agent Gateway dashboard, creating a more comprehensive contact center solution.
  • Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Agents in Your Contact Center?
    Businesses are leveraging AI to facilitate self-service using chatbots, speech recognition, and automation solutions. The question being asked, though, is whether as AI continues to evolve, will it replace human agents altogether?
  • 8 Reasons to Offer a Callback Service in Your Contact Center
    Customer don't like waiting on hold. In fact, 60% of people say even one minute is too long. Short of over-staffing, which no customer service organization wants to do in the interest of cost management, what alternatives are there?
  • A Hybrid Cloud Approach Practical for Contact Centers
    Contact centers are increasingly adopting cloud services and infrastructure. A hybrid approach to cloud services enables organizations to slowly and steadily migrate to the cloud while leveraging existing equipment and systems.
  • Inference Eases Virtual Agent Development and Deployment
    Inference Solutions announced the general availability of Inference Studio's newest version. The newly unveiled solution enables easy access for contact center software providers, enterprises and telecommunication carriers to all that Google's Contact Center AI (CCAI) h…
  • Why Video Can Differentiate Your Customer Experience
    Companies looking to differentiate their customer service - live or self service - should heed the statistics and understand that video is a key communications channel today that has potential to add value to their engagement capabilities.