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DVSAnalytics Announces Salesforce Integration

June 18, 2019

The contact center demands perfection, and through merger and acquisitions, partnerships and integrations, contact center solution providers are crafting comprehensive portfolios to support the mounting requirements of the omnichannel age.

DVSAnalytics announced an advanced Salesforce integration for the Encore Workforce Optimization (WFO). The quality management and WFO firm is engineering for the future.

The Encore Workforce Optimization suite already features interaction recording, agent training capabilities and analytics, the Salesforce news supports the firm’s claim of robust interoperability. The WFO solution easily integrates with industry’s most popular UC and CRM solutions.

"By associating a recording with your existing Salesforce data, finding an interaction recording and reviewing it becomes effortless," said Rita Dearing, President and Chief Technology Officer, DVSAnalytics. "You can securely review customer recordings without leaving Salesforce."

With the new Salesforce integration, users are empowered with customer interaction recordings linked to your Salesforce metadata – This includes user, account, contact, opportunity and case. Recordings are accessible via Encore WFO with the same metadata used in Salesforce.  The result is more streamlined operations, with a power of data a click away.

Integrations are but one tool contact center solution providers have to enhance product portfolios. And by introducing Salesforce to its WFO offering, DVSAnalytics is edging toward greater market presence with an industry leading sales tool. Data is the most valuable commodity of the digital age – put it to work for your operations.

What WFO is in your contact center?

Edited by Maurice Nagle