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Noble Systems Making Contact Center Migration to Cloud Easy

March 29, 2019

Contact centers have traditionally been slower to adopt new technology than other parts of organizations.  In some ways, it makes sense – there’s a natural fear of change when it comes to the front lines of customer relationships, especially when there is already a working solution in place.

At some point, though, upgrades can’t be avoided, which is where many contact centers are today.  Still tied to their aging legacy systems, they aren’t able to effectively serve an increasingly digitally fluent and highly demanding customer base.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way – nor does the transition to a modern solution.  It’s one of the reasons cloud contact centers are seeing increased adoption – they allow customer service organizations a future-proof migration path that allows them to deliver exceptional service in a complex digital environment.

I spoke with Noble Systems’ SVP of Global Sales and Marketing Chris Hodges and Senior VP of Solutions Engineering Ellwood Neuer at Enterprise Connect, who spoke about the company’s transition to a cloud model.

“We made the transition to cloud two years ago, and now, about 70% of our business is cloud,” said Hodges.

Other than a few third-party applications, like Nuance for speech recognition and NeoSpeech for TTS, the solution is built on its own technology all the way up the stack, including the contact center application, WFM, gamification, and more.  The solution supports a full omnichannel environment, which is critical as businesses look to meet customers on their channels of choice.

One of the keys to the high level of success the company has seen migrating customers to the cloud, according to Hodges and Neuer, is the fact that Noble has developed its solutions on a single code base, which means there is no new training required for customers as the make the transition.  In addition, customers can move to the cloud in steps by deploying any of the point solutions in the cloud while keeping the rest in their traditional on-premises deployment.  That way, they are able to better control the migration, or add new solutions in the cloud before they are ready to move the entire platform over.

In addition, the entire Noble Systems stack can be deployed alongside other solutions to give customers new capabilities without forcing them into a complete system replacement until they are ready for it.

Hodges also spoke specifically about a few of the newer features Noble System offers that are driving growth opportunities, particularly with new customers looking to improve their operations.

Secure Payment Assist, for instance, gives contact centers a secure tool for collecting sensitive data using IVR, taking agents of the process.  It also pauses any interaction recording so none of the financial or other transaction data is stored.  It ensures contact centers are able to handle payments during customer engagements, while remaining PCI compliant.  Once the transaction is complete, customers are immediately connected with agents again.

Gamification, which Noble Systems added through its acquisition of FidoTrack last year, is also becoming popular to create a fun, competitive environment in contact centers to help drive results.

“Using cloud-based game mechanics to encourage competition, they are able to reward and recognize on the basis of that competition, including managers and supervisors,” Hodges said.  “It also include a normalization engine that allows different levels of agents and different channels to compete equally.”

With a complete stack of contact center solutions, Noble Systems will continue to migrate its legacy customers to the cloud.  But with the full suite of inbound and outbound omnichannel contact center capabilities, analytics, gamification, WFM, BI, and other capabilities, it certainly seems to be well positioned to help companies transition to a modern, digital customer engagement platform.

Edited by Maurice Nagle