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Bright Pattern, Paxyl Partner to Proliferate Omnichannel Contact Center Presence

February 12, 2019

The modern contact center is an omnichannel proposition, as our always-on, always plugged-in reality demands customer options. When we contact a company, we want to communicate on a channel of our choosing.

Bright Pattern announced a new partnership with Paxyl Solutions, enabling the new partner to offer mid-market and enterprise customers user-friendly, robust omnichanel contact center solutions.

“As an expert in contact centre solutions, we aim to provide our customers with an omnichannel cloud solution that optimizes the customer experience in a user-friendly and intuitive way,” said Philippe Tremblay, Vice President of Business Development. “Bright Pattern is a true, seamless, omnichannel solution that gives businesses the tools they need to build powerful customer connections while delivering the results organizations demand.”

Since 2003, Paxyl has built loyal customers across verticals by delivering high-value, feature-rich solutions capable of enhancing customer service operations. The newly announced pairing is prepared to deliver 100% uptime, omnichannel capabilities, non-disruptive updates, scale to more than 15,000 agents and more.

“With over 15 years of expertise in contact centers, Paxyl Solutions provides exceptional quality and outstanding expertise,” said Brian Hays, Senior Vice President of Global Sales at Bright Pattern. “Paxyl Solutions works with the most high-performing technologies on the market and strives to provide clients with the tools to deliver personalized and effortless customer experiences. We are looking forward to a long and immensely successful relationship.”

The contact center is the front line for customer service, and today more than ever first impressions matter in a big way.

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Edited by Maurice Nagle