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Inference Eases Virtual Agent Development and Deployment

April 24, 2019

Virtual assistants are making their way to the main stage, from your kitchen counter to customer service artificial intelligence is inviting a new day in engagement. As consumer comfort grows with Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home and their sibling solutions, it makes a whole lot of sense to see the contact center taking the hint.

Inference Solutions announced the general availability of Inference Studio’s newest version. The newly unveiled solution enables easy access for contact center software providers, enterprises and telecommunication carriers to all that Google’s Contact Center AI (CCAI) has to offer.

Partners experience the advantage of simplified development and deployment of intelligent virtual agents, offering flexible pricing and packaging as well as user-friendly management. The enterprise sees cost savings from deploying virtual agents, improved customer service and the peace of mind of PCI and HIPAA compliance.

“Google APIs for the contact center are being rapidly embraced by our partners, both to assist live agents and to deliver a more conversational self-service experience. Inference Studio is designed to help them price, package and deploy intelligent virtual agent solutions that meet a wide range of needs for their customers,” noted Inference Solutions CEO Callan Schebella. “The latest version of Inference Studio makes this even easier by giving them a wide range of new capabilities, including access to pre-built Dialogflow agents, and the ability to more easily integrate agents they’ve built themselves.”

The contact center offers zero margin for poor customer service, and with the innovation taking place in artificial intelligence and virtual agents the future is bright for the customer experience.

Edited by Maurice Nagle