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Radisys Adds Advanced Speech Recognition to Its MediaEngine Product

February 26, 2019

As the world becomes more automated and communications become smarter and more analytical, speech recognition becomes a critical element of communications platforms. Artificial intelligence needs it to be able to process information, route calls, automate answers and more. So-called “in call” advanced speech recognition is challenging for communications service providers today because they often need to rely on third-party solutions to add the complex technology based on decades of development that is speech recognition.

Open telecom solutions provider Radisys recently announced that it’s adding a new feature to enable advanced in-call services, allowing communication service providers (CSPs) to implement speech recognition interfaces at dramatically lower costs than previous solutions while retaining brand identity. The speech recognition feature will be added to Radisys’ MediaEngine virtualized media server as embedded technology for advanced speech recognition.

“As speech technology has evolved, there are a growing number of opportunities for service providers to develop network-based speech-enabled applications that will drive new revenues,” said Sue Rudd, Director of Networks and Service Platforms, at Strategy Analytics, in a statement. “Radisys has added some very innovative features that will allow service providers to introduce a range of cost-effective, scalable, hosted solutions from conference call add-ons, to call center services and analytics and even IoT [Internet of Things]-triggered voice.”

The goal, according to Radisys, is to enable service providers to add more value with mass market “in-call” speech recognition services at significantly lower cost, reducing the complexity and quality challenges associated with traditional in-call speech-enabled services, while adding complementary media processing features for advanced applications and services using open APIs. Essentially, the feature can add more value for a better user experience with less human intervention.

“With the continued drive toward more speech-enabled devices and services, CSPs are well positioned to address the gap in in-call speech solutions,” said Al Balasco, VO if MediaEngine for Radisys.

Communication service providers can now offer their clients ASR-based services such as transcription, automated call routing and customer support, interactive voice response-type services without the physical IVR, hands-free conference control and more.  

Edited by Maurice Nagle