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Contact Center Serving Solutions to Federal Employees Impacted by Shutdown

January 23, 2019

Innovation in the contact center is rampant, creating the next generation of omnichannel, cloud-powered contact center solutions. And, typically, when we discuss contact center solutions here it is the technology that is the focus. Today, however we explore news of a contact center that is the solution.

The partial government shutdown is impacting many people in many ways, but Eli Lily and Company is doing what it can to make sure diabetics are receiving much needed discounts to provide health isn’t affected by the stubbornness of the two major political parties in this country.

The Lilly Diabetes Solution Center will educate government employees not receiving pay currently on available options, and those covered by their insurance. In some instances, agents can offer discounts. You can reach the helpline at (833) 808-1234 from 9am to 8pm EST on weekdays, and do so with peace of mind knowing your call will be answered by a trained medical professional..

"Government employees and their families who are dependent on insulin are in unique circumstances and are facing difficult choices," said Mike Mason, senior vice president, Insulins and Connected Care. "Anyone having trouble paying for their Lilly insulin, including government employees who are going without pay, should contact the Solution Center to see what help may be available to them."

The solution center may leverage a contact center solution, but it’s important to highlight this contact center that is a solution.

What’s in your contact center?

Edited by Maurice Nagle