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Amazon, Aspect Announce WFM Integration

November 30, 2018

Amazon Connect came onto the scene with a bang and continues to build momentum with new partners, integrations and innovation to create a comprehensive cloud contact center solution. The attention given to the contact center and customer service should be duly noted, as there’s no second chance to make a first impression.

Aspect Software announced Aspect workforce management is the newest integration with the Amazon Connect contact center solution. The newly added functionality provides Amazon Connect users the ability to improve forecasting, staffing, performance tracking as well as a number of robust reporting options.

The four key components of the Aspect Software workforce management software include:

  • Aspect Performance Management (APM), which delivers management insight via reporting and analysis
  • Forecasting, which offers models to improve efficiency and enhance scheduling processes
  • Real-time adherence that monitors agent adherence to scheduling
  • Agent productivity enables management to  track agent productivity and point out areas of opportunities or in need of improvement

“The integration with Amazon Connect creates a fantastic growth opportunity for Aspect and for Aspect Workforce Management,” said Mike Bourke, SVP, Product Management, Aspect Software. “Not only does this solution add scheduling, adherence, and an industry-recognized UI to Amazon Connect, but it can also introduce the Aspect brand to new organizations who are not familiar with the award-winning capabilities of our platform.”

The contact center demands the best from vendors, and for Aspect, as it innovates for the future the customer always comes first.

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Edited by Maurice Nagle