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Agero Adding More Than 100 People to Florida Call Center

July 24, 2014

Agero, a company that assists people who are calling in with a need for road side assistance, has just announced that it plans on hiring more than 100 new employees over the next 12 months. The company will likely add those contact center employees to the 500 that are located at a call center in Sebring, Florida, according to the Highlands Today.

Barry Bittner told Highlands Today that an increasing volume in calls has made the company decide it has no choice but to increase the employee base. Agero reports it currently is handling more than eight million calls every year. Agero won’t say what its call center employees are making, but the firm has assured those asking that the pay is quite competitive with pay from other call centers in Florida.

The hiring round might not be anywhere near the one that is being carried out in the Dominican Republic, but the 100 new positions should provide a nice boost for the communities in and around Sebring.

Agero says that any new employees hired will get about a month of training, which includes spending two weeks with current workers in order to learn the ropes. The company also has certified coaches it brings in to show the new hires the best way of going about giving the callers excellent customer service. Among the new 100 that Agero is looking to hire, the firm has said there is no need for those applying to have previous experience in the call center industry. Bittner believes the skills learned on the job at places like a retailer are very transferrable when working for Agero’s contact center.

Agero prides itself on being able to provide additional training to people who have the “want to” when it comes to providing customer service. The employees, once they have been officially made part of the team, assists callers in a number of ways, such as roadside assistance. The operators can also provide the best route to a particular destination.

Edited by Adam Brandt