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Santo Domingo Staging Job Fair For 5,000 Call Center Job Openings

July 17, 2014

The call center business world can have its ups and downs. The pay for some call center employees isn’t good enough to lure the truly talented into the field. It can also be hard to keep a job in this field because companies tend to come and go rather quickly. Bilingual or multilingual call center workers are becoming all the rage in this business world these days. In Santo Domingo, the government has just announced that there are as many as 5,000 jobs available for those who can speak, French, English or Portugese.

This is hardly the first time that a government agency has gone looking for call center employees who have a special talent or special training. This government agency is however one of the first to announced such as massive hiring round for call center employees. If a potential employee does have the skills the government of Santo Domingo is looking for, it will mean a monthly salary in the neighborhood of $25,000.

The jobs that are being offered will be to those who are fluent in any or all of French, English or Portugese and are between the ages of 18 and 35. In order to find the people who will be able to fill the open positions, the Dominican Republic will be staging a rather large job fair. There will be a number of companies looking to hire to fill the 5,000 available positions. Among those companies that will be attending the job fair are Data Vimenca, Alorica, Laurus International, Nearshore Call Center Service, Convergys and Xerox. While some of the firms are smaller and more local, it does bear pointing out companies like Convergys and Xerox have locations all over the world and could offer opportunity for advancement for the right employees.

Edited by Maurice Nagle