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CallRed - When Getting In Touch with Customer Service is a Challenge

April 11, 2014

Many consumers choose to do business with a company primarily based on the type of customer service they offer. This is a critical point; because depending on the product or service you purchase, having bad customer service can make what you purchased a constant source of frustration. While some organizations understand the importance of customer service, others are oblivious to it, making the process of contacting the customer service center an exercise in futility. Knowing there's terrible customer service out there, a group of entrepreneurs have established a new company called CallRed, to be the intermediary between you and that hard to reach customer service department.

While there is minimal information on the company's website at the moment, they are touting their approach as the best way to get expedited help with billing and service issues from a group of individuals that are passionate about great customer service.

The process of contacting the customer service department of the company you have a grievance with is simple. All you have to do is search for the business you like to contact and use the compose form to contact them.

This platform allows you to send a private message directly to the business instead of using public Tweets. When the company responds, it uses your e-mail to give you the answer to your problem.

The list of categories available covers virtually every product or service you might have purchased in the past including: art and entertainment, business services, clothing, community and government, construction and contractors, education, electronics, food, student loans, utility companies and more.

Even though organizations are spending a considerable amount of money in creating personalized customer service, for many companies the delivery leaves much to be desired. This includes voice communication, followed by self-service channels such as chat and e-mail, stronger Web presence and mobile.

But no matter how many touch points an organization introduces to improve customer service, without the right staff behind it to deliver the service consumers won't be impressed, which is why CallRed might by a great option.

Edited by Peter Bernstein