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All I Want for Christmas is a Better Customer Experience

December 10, 2013
By ContactCenterSolutionsWorld Special Guest
David Baker, SVP of Sales & Business Development at Servion Global Solution -

A Loyal - Yet Frustrated - Holiday Shopper’s Wish List

The holiday season is upon us once again. Each year I hope for a better experience from the brands I support, and each year I’m left disappointed in the customer service I’m given.  Since this is the season for spending, we expect businesses to step it up a notch to ensure that we come back next year. But when I call that 1-800 number for support, all I can say is bah humbug!

This year I’m taking my complaints to a higher source. I’m going right to the jolly man in the red suit and giving him my “Technology Enhancements Wish List” to improve customer service in the contact center. He of all people surely won’t let me down!

1.CTI (Computer Telephony Integration)

With CTI, the computer will recognize my phone number and provide the agent with all of my background information. I don’t want to repeat my account number or social security number after I entered it into the IVR a few seconds ago. Is it too much to ask to want to feel valued by the company I’m doing business with?

2.Option for Callback

 If I’m going to be in the queue for an extended period of time, offer to call me back when an agent is available. No one wants to hear, “your call is important to us” while they sit on hold waiting for service. Instead, show that my call actually is important to you by being mindful of my time.

3.Consistency Across Channels

If I can place an order over the web without interacting with a customer service agent, then I should be afforded that same luxury if I place an order over the phone. Typically I end up getting a customer service agent when I want to place an order over the phone, but personally I’d rather not give a complete stranger my credit card number, expiration date, and security code over the phone. Adding an application to an existing IVR that allows me to place a secure credit card transaction over the phone without talking to an agent would make things a lot easier.

I know that this is a big list, but as a loyal customer, I simply want my business to be appreciated and valued. Here’s hoping that when I have to call a contact center after the holidays, I will be greeted by name, offered a callback option when I’m placed on hold, and feel free to place an order over the phone without agent assistance.

There is one more thing that I forgot to add to my list - peace on earth, good health, and much happiness to all during this holiday season.

David Baker is SVP of Sales & Business Development at Servion Global Solution. Servion specializes in delivering cutting edge Customer Interaction Management (CIM) solutions and applications for Contact Centers, enhancing customer interactions via the phone, internet, email, chat and social media. With more than 600 customers and over 1000 installations spread across 60+ countries, Servion’s products and solutions handle more than 7 billion voice/fax/ACD/Web/e-mail interactions per year.

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