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ClickFox Signs Contract with International Wireless Provider

November 19, 2009

ClickFox has signed a multi-million dollar contract with an international wireless provider to analyze, understand and act on customer experience intelligence across all interactions points. ClickFox offers customer experience analytics, or “CEA,” software and solutions.

The organization provides industry-leading technology to its customer base and partners by relying on more than 200 providers in other geographies to ensure optimum service levels.
With the addition of ClickFox CEA, business units will enable enterprise-wide visibility into operational excellence to support their strategic emphasis on excellent customer experience. The ClickFox CEA solution enables enterprises to make sense of the complex choices of customer interactions that drive revenues, loyalty and defections.
According to Marco Pacelli, CEO of ClickFox, the company’s experience with top telecommunications organizations in North America has enabled them to establish a domain expertise that ensures all wireless and data communications providers can quickly see high impact from customer experience analytics.
CEA delivers deep, enterprise-wide investigative insight into customer experience and behavior on a daily basis by unlocking valuable data. This insight will then transform how the organization reacts to customer and business needs within weeks. This often results in hundred-million dollar returns.
ClickFox’s unique CEA solution provides a single, powerful view of the total customer experience across and within all communication channels which provides deep and actionable insight for better decision making and significant ROI. CEA models the actual paths of customers at every interaction touchpoint to uncover hidden connections and reveal bottom-line customer insights by aggregating data from existing sources like CRM, call recording, IVR, CTI, website and more.
Founded in 2000, the customer base of ClickFox includes organizations in utilities, healthcare, financial services, insurance, technology and retail. ClickFox is the only company in the marketplace that provides a comprehensive cross channel solution capable of aggregating data from all customer touch points and from other limited analytics sources like speech analytics, web analytics, quality monitoring, agent scoring and workforce optimization.

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