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Human Arc Turns to LiveVox for Hosted-Dialer Solution in its Contact Center

February 11, 2008

LiveVox, an on-demand voice portal company focused on delivering outbound, inbound and automated call distribution voice applications for the billing and collections industry, has announced today that its Voice Portal solution was selected as Human Arc’s hosted-dialer solution in place of purchasing a costly premise-based dialer.

A supplier of reimbursement recovery services to hospitals and revenue enhancement programs to health plans nationwide, Human Arc was seeking an innovative outbound voice applications solution for its call centers.

Human Arc was operating a constantly evolving business and wanted a solution that would enable increased customization, flexibility and seamless integration all at an economical price. The company was also seeking to avoid the substantial cost of implementing a traditional premise-based solution.

LiveVox was chosen by Human Arc for its ability to meet all expectations at a fraction of the cost of a physical dialer. A premise-based dialer is often selected to handle call flow and management in the contact center, but the cost can exceed millions of dollars.

Beyond the cost, these legacy systems can also be limited in the number of campaigns they can run, as well as be restricted by overall capacity and physical boundaries.

With LiveVox’s on-demand SIP-based voice application, companies can simply run multi-site campaigns, increase agent pacing and productivity and eliminate the need to upgrade and maintain legacy dialers.

"For decades, organizations were held hostage by their dialers; there were few alternatives to premise-based solutions, and the overall cost of the dialer itself was often a massive financial strain on an organization," said Louis Summe, CEO of LiveVox, in a Monday statement.

"By introducing an on-demand application with unlimited capacity that exactly replicates the functionality of the dialer, LiveVox is enabling organizations to break free from their dialers and not only change the way they run their call centers, but the way they run their businesses."

"We are pleased with our decision to partner with LiveVox based on the spirit of innovation and collaboration the Company has employed with us," said Sheldon Pratt, Director Disproportionate Share Services at Human Arc, in Monday’s statement.

"LiveVox is eager to develop innovative products that constantly meet our evolving needs, while at the same time, delivering these products at a lower cost than anything we've seen on the market.”

“Since we deployed LiveVox Voice Portal 3.0, we went from an average of 4.5 surveys to 5.5 surveys completed, per agent, per hour. This has had a significant impact on our bottom line--increasing agent productivity by 22 percent," Pratt added.  

"At the end of the day, our goal as a Company is to not only sell technology products, but also change the way the industry thinks about its legacy technologies," Summe continued.

"LiveVox is helping companies understand that there are affordable alternatives available that not only reduce costs, but also enhance the way they do business every day."

LiveVox has done well to design a solution that addresses the needs of today’s contact centers while also focusing on the cost associated with the solution. Premised-based dialers do provide significant benefits, but the price tag often puts them out of reach for certain contact centers, or impacts their cost structure so much that they are unable to improve the bottom line.

By designing an on-demand solution that specifically addresses the cost issue, as well as the flexibility and scalability demands of the contact center, LiveVox will likely be able to drive adoption for its solution, increasing its market strength and sustaining growth over the long term.

Susan J. Campbell is a contributing editor for TMC and has also written for To see more of her articles, please visit Susan J. Campbell’s columnist page.

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