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OnState Communications Enhances Customer Contact-Management Offerings

January 09, 2008

OnState Communications has announced enhanced customer contact-management offerings, creating a one-stop shopping experience for small- to mid-sized companies seeking a single source to outfit their customer contact operations.

The OnState storefront now offers customers a full suite of toll-free telephone support, call center capabilities and accessories, as well as communications products bundled with the Skype business offerings and Skype-enabled contact center products.

"Our new storefront actually creates a new business model - the on-demand, pay-as-you go call center," explained Pat Kelly, CEO and cofounder of OnState Communications, in a Wednesday statement.

"We offer one-stop shopping that spans toll-free telephone numbers, advanced call center capabilities and accessories, and Skype-compatible products. Within minutes rather than days or weeks, businesses can launch a call center or customer contact management solution that delivers end-to-end customer service - all from a single site."

Skype is used for business purposes by 30 percent of its customers. The OnState storefront enhances Skype as a business application by providing customers with toll-free US and international coverage in more than 30 countries; PayPal™ payment plans for call center needs; accessibility to advanced customer contact management solutions; voice, video and business chat; reduced operational costs; Web integration; streamlined customer communications; and improved customer management.

With the integration of Skype services and offerings and OnState CallCenter for Skype, businesses are provided a single, unified source for customer service at an industry-redefining price.

OnState CallCenter customers are provided with a single point of contact for all call center and contact management. "OnState customers eliminate the complexities and costs of dealing with multiple technology providers," said Kelly.

"In an ocean of VoIP and voice technology options, OnState is delivering easy-to-use business applications, which give small businesses and entrepreneurs a clean, simple, and comprehensive caller-to-agent solution from a single source that is a mouse-click away," continued Kelly.

"The OnState storefront brings together all the components needed to create and maintain an affordable and professional call center solution, which can be deployed anywhere Skype can go."

As an increasing number of companies are recognizing the importance of the call center and what it can do for long-term success, the demand for operations is growing. The result is that many of these companies are seeking low-cost, efficient call center solutions, thus accelerating opportunities for OnState. The company is poised for ongoing growth and by providing one-stop solutions, OnState will help to generate its own demand.
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