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Gordian Selects CosmoCom for Health Care Contact Center

December 14, 2007

Gordian, an industry leader in health and productivity improvement, has adopted CosmoCom’s IP-based contact center platform.

CosmoCom is one of the global leaders in what they have termed Call Center Consolidation 2.0, which combines the many diverse contact center needs of the enterprise on a single platform that integrates quickly and easily with other VoIP network components as well as the overall enterprise Information Technology environment.
With this, Gordian plans to improve the efficiency of its health care coaches by providing new and better ways to reach client groups with timely advice on healthy lifestyles.
Gordian was using a traditional phone system to connect its nurses, dietitians, exercise physiologists, and other professionals with clients in need of healthy lifestyle coaching.
The capabilities of CosmoCom’s CosmoCall Universe (CCU) platform exceed those of traditional phone systems. Moreover it integrates e-mail and online chat into the traditional telephone call center.
“The contact center is our lifeline to our clients,” Tim Wade, Gordian’s vice president of information technology said in a press release.
“CosmoCom gives us a blended environment with phone, e-mail, and online chat, helping us to integrate our products and deliver them in multiple ways to help meet the various needs of our members.”
CCU integrates seamlessly with Gordian’s Microsoft .NET applications and SQL Server 2005 databases, which tracks each participant contact automatically, regardless of whether it takes place via online chat, e-mail, or telephone.
“Gordian Health Solutions is in a perfect position to capitalize on Call Center Consolidation 2.0 as enabled by CosmoCall Universe,” said Ari Sonesh, chairman and CEO of CosmoCom.
“The communication intelligence built into our platform for both inbound and outbound calls enhances the productivity of professionals like Gordian’s health teams. CosmoCom is pleased and proud to be helping Gordian achieve the important goal of affordable, cost effective health care.”
Gordian is a leading national health and productivity improvement company that offers a comprehensive suite of products and services, such as population health risk analysis, telephonic lifestyle and chronic condition coaching, online products, health screenings, personal health assessments and incentive management services.
Gordian helps employers, health plans and government entities identify, control and manage health risk factors and their associated costs through targeted and tailored programs and sophisticated informatics and reporting capabilities.
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