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ING Australia Set to Implement Verint's Impact 360 Workforce Optimization Suite

November 05, 2009

Verint Systems Inc. has announced that ING Australia Limited is set to deploy the next-generation Impact 360 Workforce Optimization suite from Verint Witness Actionable Solutions.

ING Australia implemented a large-scale project with the aim to consolidate the company’s leadership and competitive positioning. As part of this project, the company implemented the unified, analytics-driven software, which includes quality monitoring and recording, workforce management, speech analytics, data analytics, customer feedback surveys, performance management scorecards and eLearning.
Applications satisfying all of these initiatives were deployed across ING Australia’s contact center operations earlier this year. The company is now in the process of deploying the technology across its back-office operations.
To date, ING Australia is ranked among the highest in customer service across its industry and continually seeks ways to grow this status. The company has undergone extensive business process improvement initiatives that involve both its contact centers and back-office departments.

As a result, ING Australia has become more focused on ways to further advance operational efficiencies, manage costs and enhance customer service quality. The company selected Impact 360 Workforce Optimization to help advance its objectives in these key areas.
“We invested in the Impact 360 suite because it provides the full scope of workforce optimization tools for both the contact center and back office on a single platform,” says Fred Bertram, chief operating officer, ING Australia, in a statement. “Leveraging Impact 360 in both of these key areas of our business, which directly and indirectly impact the customer experience, is helping us maintain our leadership in customer service while managing cost and optimizing the way in which we conduct business.”

By leveraging the software, ING Australia is better positioned to further its commitment to the deliver of high-caliber service drawing from Impact 360’s monitoring, workforce management, analytics, scorecard and eLearning capabilities.
The solutions are designed to help the organization to capture and take action on business intelligence, which includes the ability to gauge process effectiveness, uncover trends and opportunities, identify the root causes driving call volumes, and provide an ongoing focus on staff development, knowledge and skill acquisition.
“Back-office operations are process-intensive areas in which the completion of one step hinges upon the completion of another.  In this environment, forecasting workflow and scheduling employees can play a key role in an organization’s ability to meet deadlines,” explains Nancy Treaster, senior vice president and general manager, Verint Witness Actionable Solutions.  “We’re pleased an industry leader such as ING Australia is reaping the benefits from deployment of Impact 360 in its contact center and back-office operations to provide an automated, streamlined forecasting and scheduling solution that can help increase throughput with fewer resources and less cost.”

ING Australia also expects to benefit from the software’s ability to monitor and assess service level achievements (SLAs) and resource needs at any time of the day. As a result, the company should easily move from an end-of-day/next-day assessment and adjustment capacity model to meet service levels, to an automated, intra-day management capability.
“Workforce optimization enables the systems involved in critical contact center, back-office and enterprise functions to share information, work together, and ultimately deliver a better, more cost-effective customer experience,” adds Zwicka Ben Zion, managing director, Verint Systems, Australia and New Zealand.  “ING Australia provides an excellent example of how a leader in its market can continue to improve and set the bar by embracing a customer-centric approach and unified workforce optimization strategy to drive its business growth.”
Earlier this year, Verint forged a North American partnership with Jenne Distributors, Inc., a value-added supplier of business telephony, data and video conferencing technology solutions. According to company officials, the partnership will introduce a new sphere of value-added resellers into Verint’s networked IP video market.
In October, Verint announced that its Impact 360 WFO software is a now a SAP-endorsed business solution, making Impact 360 complementary to SAP software offerings. With this agreement, Verint brings its WFO software to SAP’s large global customer base.

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