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Salesforce, Sabio, eGain Join Avaya AI Effort

February 01, 2018

Avaya has welcomed three new members to its A.I. Connect initiative. The newcomers are eGain, Sabio, and Salesforce.

The companies will contribute their artificial intelligence solutions to the Avaya ecosystem. A.I. Connect involves third-party AI suppliers that offer and/or integrate their technology with Avaya solutions.

Salesforce brings its predictive analytics solution to the table. The AI for CRM offering, called Salesforce Einstein, can automate tasks and automatically uncover insights. It also can predict future behavior, and recommend best next actions.

That can enable companies to do things like analyze past and current customer behavior. They can also employ it for sentiment analysis and another purpose.

Meanwhile, U.K.-based Sabio offers a variety of AI-enabled solutions. And it has integrated an offering using machine learning to profile and predict buying behaviors of customers on digital channels.

As for eGain, it has an AI-enabled knowledge management solution. It’s integrated with Avaya Oceana to assist and guide agents during their customer interactions. The eGain solution also can be leveraged to provide customers with direct responses via virtual assistants. That can power self-service applications.

AI bots can add value to omnichannel customer interactions and personal assistants can help with some UC functions, notes KelCor Principal Analyst Brent Kelly. But, he adds, “a more comprehensive, deeper cognitive approach using AI is already beginning to have significant financial and performance impact in customer engagement settlings. These solutions optimize contact center performance for the entire business. And they can enable tighter integration with marketing, line of business, and big data initiatives.”

Avaya’s Laura Bassett writes: “AI will allow more brands to focus on context and anticipatory engagement at the individual level to hone in on the customer segment of one. The goal will be to intuitively understand the nuances of each individual consumer as they inevitably change to deliver deeper levels of personalization.”

Edited by Mandi Nowitz