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Anantara Vacation Club Growing One Interaction at a Time

November 27, 2017

Asia-Pacific is one of the world’s fastest growing markets. China is a bustling nation, boasting a population of billions, and a burgeoning economy. One vertical in particular is tourism, and today a certain luxury vacation club ventured to dramatically improve customer engagement and marketing efforts.

Anantara Vacation Club announced the deployment of the Aspect Unified IP contact center platform to push forward its outbound marketing and customer engagement in Shanghai and Hong Kong. Anantara is a growing firm with a rich history of developing resort facilities across Asia-Pacific as well as managing vacation ownership. Put simply, Club Point Owners buy a set amount of Club Points to enable access to some of the region’s most exquisite and exotic locales.

"With Aspect, our call centre operators have more control, allowing them to more effectively engage our Club Points Owners. We can see all activity within the Minor network, and managers can adjust operations accordingly. In addition, when a Club Points Owner calls, we know who they are, instantly seeing their account information, including their booking history, planned trips, and current number of Club Points. This helps us to streamline the user experience and provide better service." said Maurizio Bisicky, Chief Operating Officer, Anantara Vacation Club.

With Aspect’s Unified IP in place, outreach efforts are bearing fruit resulting in a 20 percent boost in call volume. Telesales agents based in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Phuket are experiencing higher quality interactions with customers, which are driving bottom line results.

"We are very excited to be helping Anantara Vacation Club achieve such remarkable results with the Aspect Unified IP solution. In today's very competitive market, finding a balance between delivering a differentiated customer experience while achieving improved productivity with your agents is not an easy task," noted Jagannath Narendran, Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific & Middle East, Aspect Software.

Regardless of vertical, the contact center is mission critical to meeting customer expectations. Companies only get one chance to make a strong first impression; what’s in your contact center?

Edited by Mandi Nowitz