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Be One with the Cloud

May 30, 2017
By Special Guest
Jaime Bailey, VP of Marketing, Virtual Hold Technology -

Is stress the new normal? Lately, it seems to be that way. According to the American Psychological Association, the 2017 “Stress in America” survey is the first time in 10 years they’ve recorded a significant increase in the stress levels of Americans. Money, work and the economy are the largest contributors to our new state. 

With such stressful daily lives, the last thing we want to do is add frustration.  

Every interaction, touch point, and communication can move a customer’s stress level. Successful brands create a harmonious connection with customers and earn long-term customer loyalty. Helping to achieve that tranquility is the cloud.  By moving contact centers to the cloud, companies improve how customers experience their brand while scaling to a right-sized solution.

A Calming Tranquility for Customer, Agent and Company
Brands find the most success when customer fulfillment and agent happiness go hand in hand. To grow revenue and brand loyalty, a company’s customer-facing contact points need to seamlessly work together. When they do, customers know they can easily solve any issue by reaching out on their preferred channel. Agents are the beacons that guide the customer journey. Integrated contact points need agent support so any issue is resolved on first contact – which is where well-developed callback experiences come in.

Multi-channel callback helps solidify the connection between customer and agent by enabling customers to request a callback from any channel or device. Agents then receive relevant information about the customer, their journey and their questions. When the agent calls back, they do so armed with empathy– saving customers time and energy, and making them feel valued.

 An additional benefit of agents having this context is they can immediately address the customer issue. For companies, this style of interaction provides a positive and calming experience, strengthening the relationship between customer and brand, rather than eroding it.

Easy Implementation is the Path to Freedom
While it’s easy to see how callback solutions benefit customers, agents and companies, implementation of new technology platforms can be a headache – leaving many companies questioning whether an overhaul is worth it. That’s where the cloud comes in.

Callback cloud is designed with an easy-to-install, single platform approach allowing for quick integration and little to no downtime. And because it lives in the cloud, companies can scale the software to make their contact center run more efficiently without the use of an IT department Companies of all sizes are empowered to reap the benefits of multi-channel callback solutions.

Callback technology can also be tailored to a company’s preferred channel thanks to powerful APIs enabling an easy-to-implement functionality.  Popular APIs include requesting a callback from a Web page, mobile device or text message. Additionally, instant contact center reporting is accomplished via Web access to real-time and historical data.

With all this data available in a timely fashion, agents are able to monitor key metrics – including callbacks in queue, callback outcomes and estimated wait times – from anywhere at any time. By understanding the customer experience from request to completion, contact centers can address frustration early in the process and take the appropriate actions to meet the needs of their customers.

Becoming One with the Cloud
Imagine being one with the cloud, where positive brand, company and product equity trump indifference and disdain. Callback in the cloud allows companies to harmonize customer needs with agent support – increasing speed to answer, inquiry resolution and a demonstrated display of respect to customers’ time.

By moving callback platforms to the cloud, companies create a consistent, contextual, multi-channel communication environment that is free of stress for everyone.

About the Author

Jaime Bailey serves as vice president of Marketing at Virtual Hold Technology. With more than 16 years of experience, she stewards a team focused on understanding the customer experience, applying new marketing techniques and maximizing ROI.