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Amazon, Serenova Announce New Contact Center Solutions

March 29, 2017

Serenova is at Enterprise Connect this week demonstrating its Skylight for CxEngage solution. Skylight is a new agent interface for CxEngage, the contact center-as-a-service solution that Serenova announced at the event last year.

This new interface was designed to enable increased productivity and deliver an elevated customer experience. CxEngage is built on Amazon Web Services.

Speaking of Amazon Web Services, the company announced yesterday its own cloud-based contact center news in the form of the introduction of Amazon Connect. It’s a new solution that enables people to spin up virtual contact centers within minutes from the AWS Management Console.

Amazon Connect features a graphical user interface that even non-technical folks can use to set up contact flows, manage agents, and track performance metrics. And this cloud-based solution can easily scale to help organizations more seamlessly ramp up the number of agents they use at any one time due to growth or other factors such as limited time promotions, new product launches, or seasonal spikes.

This solution also enables contact flows to change based on information retrieved by Amazon Connect from such AWS services as Amazon Aurora, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Redshift, or third-party analytics, CRM, or other systems. (Amazon Connect integrates with solutions from Appian, Calabrio, CRMNEXT, Freshdesk, Paxata, Pentaho, Pindrop, Salesforce, SugarCRM, Tableau, Twilio, VoiceBase, Zendesk, and Zoho.)

“For example, an airline could design an Amazon Connect contact flow to recognize a caller’s phone number, look up their travel schedule in a booking database, and present options like rebook, or cancel if the call just missed a flight.”

Amazon Connect users also can build natural language contact flows using the artificial intelligence service known as Amazon Lex.