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Cyara CX Now Interoperable With Avaya

February 20, 2017

Interoperability is one of those things that's always welcome when it comes to technological development; knowing that a new system will work with old systems, or that a system being put in place will work with others set to come in later, is a comforting point. Recently, Cyara announced that its Cyara CX Automated Test and Monitoring Virtual Agent 6.4 system is now compliant with several Avaya solutions.

The CX Automated Test and Monitoring Virtual Agent 6.4 system does much as the name suggests, and offers a complete means to automate testing from end to end in the process. It allows the entire customer experience, as well as the contact center experience at the agent level, to be wholly simulated, and the best results derived as a result of that simulation.

Since Cyara is a Technology Partner in the Avaya DevConnect program, it wasn't too far out of line to see products emerge from Cyara almost specifically geared to work with Avaya. Being part of the DevConnect program as a Technology Partner allows companies like Cyara to submit products for compliance testing, where Avaya engineers develop testing protocols to run such products through. The end result is a thoroughly-tested product that should fit nicely alongside current Avaya releases.

Since Avaya is well known as a provider of customer engagement and team engagement solutions, that makes its systems a valuable part of many offices' lineups.  Having the Cyara systems work alongside Avaya's, meanwhile, helps users provide the best in customer experiences, while also scaling to meet demand as needs require. Cyara's systems now work with Avaya Aura as well as Aura's Application Enablement Services 7.0. It also works with Avaya Communications Manager 7.0.

Avaya's vice president of developer relations, Eric Rossman, commented, “Cyara's CX automated monitoring and testing solution helps Avaya customers improve their customer experience without disrupting business processes. Working with Technology Partners through the Avaya DevConnect program to assess compatibility helps Avaya customers confidently leverage and upgrade to our latest solutions.”

Interoperability is perhaps at its best as a selling point; no one wants to buy a product that won't work well—if at all—with what's already on hand or what may be likely to be on hand in the future. Interoperability lends that extra note of peace of mind, telling the potential customer that this new product won't cause a lot of expensive hassle, difficulty, and lost opportunity.

Customers want a product that delivers its value quickly, and interoperability testing helps ensure that that's the case. The recent testing between Cyara and Avaya help ensure that, on this front, that's just how it works.