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SnapCap Chooses DialogTech Contact Center Solution

January 17, 2017

The ultimate goal of marketing is to produce an action. Whether customers are putting an item in their online shopping carts and then actually purchasing said item, or simply making a phone call to inquire about a service, an action has been made and the marketing effort can be considered successful.

For SnapCap, phone calls are the action it’s after. SnapCap is a small business lender that makes it easier for businesses to acquire funds. It provides SMBs with a fast, secure and completely transparent lending process that asks only essential questions. Approval is quick and is simply based on a business’ performance, rather than its industry, finances and credit score.

To help with awareness, SnapCap’s marketing team uses digital marketing, including paid search, social advertising and banner advertising. The ultimate goal of these ads is to bring awareness to the company and encourage businesses to apply. To work with SnapCap, a business need online apply online or over the phone. However, SnapCap much prefers phone calls, with Mack Johnston, VP of Data & Analytics at SnapCap, saying, “For us, the phone call is the most valuable conversion…Every application requires a phone conversation anyway, so having that talk begin right away by getting the merchant to call us speeds things up and provides a great experience for our customers. That's why we make calling us such a prominent call to action in our search ads and on our website.”

However, until recently, SnapCap was experiencing the same problem as thousands of other marketing teams: it didn’t know which marketing tactics were encouraging applications. This is a common problem many marketers face, and it often results in money being wasted on ineffective marketing methods.

That’s why SnapCap decided to go with DialogTech’s contact center solution. DialogTech’s call attribution platform promised to help track which marketing source drove each and every call. By analyzing that data, SnapCap can now allocate its budget to the keywords, ads and channels that drive the most calls and customers. According to Johnston, since choosing DialogTech’s contact center solution, the company has optimized its digital marketing and is now driving 68 percent more call conversions.

To get the most out of the DialogTech contact center solution, SnapCap is using it in tandem with its Salesforce CRM platform. The integration allows DialogTech to provide a panel for SnapCap agents to sign into whenever they are ready to receive inbound calls; assign an incoming call to the next available agent; show the agent important information about the caller, including the marketing source that drove the call; save all call data and information captured during the call into a new Salesforce record; and monitor agent call activity by providing a real time view of every agent’s current status, call activity for the day, and the number of callers on hold.

Needless to say, the DialogTech call attribution platform has vastly improved SnapCap’s contact center operations. Not only is the company able to tell where new leads are coming from, but it can also make sure that each agent is working as efficiently as possible to lock down those applications and get SMBs the funding they need to be successful.

Edited by Maurice Nagle