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TELUS Makes Strides in Contact Center Operations

January 16, 2017

Once, contact centers were a loss-leader like few others, a necessary evil expense that businesses didn't particularly want to keep on hand, but had to for the sake of maintaining any sort of business. Often staffed by the desperate and poorly paid, contact centers were a go-nowhere position of little value. That's changed in recent years as companies have realized the value these systems produce. Enghouse Interactive, developer of a comprehensive portfolio of contact center software and services, today reported the availability of a case study with TELUS, which details how it better services business customers with Cloud Contact Center based on Contact Center: Service Provider (CCSP).

TELUS has grown substantially in its tenure so far, moving to become one of the biggest contact center service providers around. It soon discovered that there was a demand for custom contact center solutions in mid-sized enterprises, but those enterprises' information technology (IT) departments often weren't up to snuff in terms of getting those solutions up and running and maintaining the systems later.

By using what's called a multi-tenant architecture, TELUS can provide the best in flexibility, making it easy to scale upward or downward as needed. Better yet, TELUS focuses on open-source systems as much as possible, meaning there's less proprietary material to potentially slow down operations later. With TELUS, customers can more comfortably grow as needed, without having to factor in interoperability concerns later.

TELUS' strategic director of contact center technology and services Chad Wormington commented, “With tight budgets and internal IT resources stretched thin, midmarket customers stand to gain a great deal from leveraging contact center as-a-service. Integrating next generation contact center technology into existing legacy infrastructure is counter-intuitive for these companies, in terms of cost-benefit analysis and systematic growth. Recognizing this reality, it became clear that CCSP was the optimal choice for both TELUS and its end customers.”

It's great to have a system that works well today. That's undeniable value. It's better, however, to have a system that works as great today as it will tomorrow. TELUS represents just such a system, one that's ready to provide for today's concerns and for tomorrow's to come. That's great news for potential buyers, who will be able to better justify a purchase on the strength of its sheer longevity. Longevity only works with top-notch reliability, however—if it lasts forever but never works right, what good is it—and so far, TELUS has delivered on that front too.

TELUS should be ready to provide plenty of value in the contact center space, and as businesses increasingly find value from this system in providing better customer experience and gathering information for use in analytics, TELUS will be right on hand, quietly delivering the best.