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DMG Names NICE WFO Market Leader

January 06, 2017

Contact center solutions have come a long way from just a desktop phone. Today’s omni-channel world presents new challenges to what serves as the front lines of the customer experience. From monitoring key performance metrics, efficiently managing resources and ensuring customer need is met. This is no small task. Workforce optimization (WFO) plays a vital role in delivering the desired results. There are a select number of firms providing the, “crème de la crème,” of WFO solutions, and recently one was spotlighted.

This week, DMG Consulting unveiled its 2016/2017 Workforce Optimization Product and Market Report, which revealed NICE as a clear market leader. Not including inContact’s 3.4 percent market share, NICE holds 41.5 percent of the market with its Adaptive WFO approach serving as a market differentiator.

Miki Migdal, President, NICE Enterprise Group noted, “Adaptive WFO, our innovative approach to employee engagement, has garnered significant interest amongst customers and prospects. These organizations recognize that to achieve true efficiency and deliver outstanding customer service, they must incorporate advanced analytics and smart routing, which NICE provides to companies of all sizes and all verticals.”

Adaptive WFO utilizes analytics as its special sauce to provide more personalized contact center processes. A unique individual agent persona is given to each agent, which is then tied into scheduling, training, coaching, evaluations and gamification. NICE WFO’s tightly integrated solutions exude the data-driven approach we are seeing across the industry landscape.

“Key trends over the past two years are challenging the status quo in everything contact centers do, from how staff is recruited and scheduled to how they are rewarded and compensated. Enterprises are investing significant amounts of time and money into their service organizations, and they expect to see a payback. Although productivity and cost savings are clearly important to executives, they now appreciate that delivering great service is a top priority and the responsibility of everyone in the company,” explained Donna Fluss, President, DMG Consulting

As the old saying goes, “happy wife, happy life.” And in the contact center this means - happy agents, happy customers.

Customer service is a primary differentiator in the omni-channel environment of today, and the next generation of contact center solutions is here to promise prosperity in the days ahead.

Is your workforce optimized?

Edited by Stefania Viscusi