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Ytel Picks VoiceBase for Cloud Contact Center Speech Analytics Enhancement

March 03, 2015

It is no secret that contact centers are now intensely interested in Big Data and sophisticated analytics to improve operational efficiency, effectiveness and the customer experience.  Let’s face it, knowing who is saying what, when, where, why and with what result is extremely valuable.  In fact, it is this need to know that has driven large volume contact centers to increasingly look to sophisticated speech analytics to give them the business intelligence they desire not just about customer interaction on the inbound side of things but also the outbound. 

However, the need for such intelligence is obviously not confined to large contact centers.  Every organization can benefit from being able to better hear the voice of the customer.  Ytel, a provider of cloud contact center software that processes over 30 million interactions per day has added the high-accuracy transcription and predictive call scoring services of VoiceBase to its X5 Cloud Contact Center solution which means almost any business regardless of size will have access to valuable calling information.  

"Extracting business intelligence from inbound service calls and outbound sales calls has up until now only been available to very large contact centers,” says Ytel Founder and CEO, Nick Newsom. “We are now able to extend powerful, yet affordable, speech analytics to all of our customers.”

What kinds of information will be available from Ytel following the X5 launch?

With the click of a button, small and medium businesses (SMBs) can now gain access to actionable insights from their calls such as:

  • Keyword correlation to sales opportunities
  • Potential cancellations
  • Competitive mentions
  • Trend detection
  • Nick Long, CEO of MediaMix365.

Nick Long, CEO of Ytel customer MediaMix365 commented that: “The ability to globally search all of our calls and instantly spot hot leads and identify calls that need more attention is invaluable.”

“Contact centers receive an enormous volume of calls every day and VoiceBase’s mission is to help them access specific information and intelligence from all their calls,” said Walter Bachtiger, Founder and CEO of VoiceBase. “We help Ytel’s customers make better business decisions by quickly identifying important calls that need an immediate response to identifying contact center reps that need more training based on what was said in a call.”

The facts are you process speech and not voice, but as a result hearing and not just listening to the voice of the customer in an analytic manner as Long says is increasingly invaluable.  It is one reason why many are predicting 2015 is going to be an impressive year for speech processing in contact center solutions.  

Edited by Maurice Nagle