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Avaya Call Centers Now Offers New Communication Options

January 09, 2015

As communication continues to evolve and grow, companies are looking for ways to make their call centers beneficial to those with specific communication needs.

Avaya, a leading global provider of business collaboration and communication solutions, has completed an application that will benefit individuals with hearing and speech disabilities. This new application will allow individuals to access call center agents and communicate through sign language.

The application, SmartEngage, is Web-browser based, it can be downloaded on any mobile device. Through the application, call center agents and uses can enter a conversation through video-chat. A special icon has been added to the call center menus, and the customer selects which language option is best suited to their needs. An agent that is specialized in sign language will be assigned to the call. With deaf or mute customers, they are able to communicate via text chat.

Avaya is excited about the new technology and foresees no problem in implementing the new software with its others engagement solutions. Avaya Nidal Abou Ltaif, President, Global Growth Markets, Avaya. “It is with great pleasure that we extend all the modern capabilities to those individuals in society who most need them and play a role in truly enabling businesses and governments to engage with every customer and citizen.”

SmartEngage app is an extension of the SmartEngage portfolio. This collection enables video communication through various devices including- tablets, smartphones, ATM machine and video kiosks.  Avaya wants to ensure that customers and citizens who are hearing, listening or speaking impaired have the ability to communicate with the call center.

Aside from call center it appears that Avaya’s tech solutions have a function in banking, business and government areas.

“The financial sector has been looking for new ways to reach out to customers with communication impairments,” Helmy advised. “Banks have been depending on branch visits and face to face meetings to try to engage with such customers. That is really no solution because not every bank branch has customer service agents who are fluent in sign language. Some governments are also discussing the use of Avaya’s solution particularly for engagement with emergency services.”

Edited by Maurice Nagle