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TNT UK Turns to NewVoiceMedia's ContactWorld to Spur Customer Experience

December 22, 2014

Development of the customer experience is a top priority for many firms out there, and with good reason. Being able to deliver the best in customer experience improves the likelihood that customers will come back and make purchases in the future, and this ensures that the best value can be had from marketing efforts. Marketing gets customers in the door; customer experience keeps customers coming back. TNT UK, meanwhile, has recognized the importance of customer experience in its own operations, and has therefore tapped NewVoiceMedia to augment its customer experience.

NewVoiceMedia is one of the world's leading providers of cloud contact center systems, a technology that's been gaining ground for some time now thanks to its ability to offer special tools to contact centers, and allow for fairly easy expansions as needed without having to buy a lot of extra equipment or the like. But what drew TNT into NewVoiceMedia's purview was an interest in ContactWorld for Service with Salesforce integration, a tool that was expected to provide the necessary flexibility to help improve customer service, a development that wasn't being reached with standard, on-premise software.

The early reports suggest that TNT made a smart move in tapping NewVoiceMedia; NewVoiceMedia had already been seen to offer a clear return on investment at other firms, as well as gains in efficiency overall. But when TNT brought the solution in play back in October, the results began to become clear, and that same return on investment and efficiency improvement came to TNT as well. Average handling time of calls is down, and customer satisfaction is up. Not only do contact center agents get access to an entire customer history when said customer calls in—meaning a lot less “let me look that up, sir” that can throw delays into a call, but also, the inbound calls are managed and routed correctly, meaning that the best person for the call in question is the one that receives it, whether that agent is the best in a particular field or has dealt successfully with that caller in the past.

TNT's CIO, Phil Parkin, offered up some comment around the use of NewVoiceMedia's tools, saying “Through ContactWorld's integration with Salesforce, we have the detailed insight, reporting and call recording that we were looking for, meaning our people can spend more time supporting customers and less time handling administrative tasks. Aligning our customer services with our overall business strategy is an important step for TNT and has already been transformative to our business.”

Cloud tools are often sound investments for businesses, if for no other reason than it makes scalability such a comparatively simple prospect, and being able to ramp up business during heavier times of access and scale it down accordingly during lighter times is the kind of thing that draws plenty of attention. The question then becomes one of whether or not cloud tools can fuel the kind of return that companies so badly need these days, and from the look of things, NewVoiceMedia's cloud tools are indeed offering up said returns. That's a valuable proposition, and the kind of thing that will likely make other companies planning similar expansions look kindly on NewVoiceMedia's offerings.

Only time will tell just how well things all work out; are these only temporary, seasonal gains for TNT, or are these long-term gains? But it's a good prospect so far, and that bodes well for not only TNT's future, but also for NewVoiceMedia's.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson