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CSG Announces New Agreement with Leading Latin American Mobile Operator

August 28, 2014

A top Latin American Mobile Operator recently signed a new agreement with CSG International to support its next-generation data and analytics capabilities.

CSG has provided its market-leading CSG Intermediate and CSG Interconnect solutions to the client, which has been a valued customer of CSG since 2009.

As per the new partnership, the client has licensed CSG Total Service Mediation Intelligent Analytics, an analytics solution that helps operators to analyze account activity, usage and trends.

The solution was developed in collaboration with Lavastorm Analytics, an agile data management and analytics software company. It also provides increased transparency and satisfaction to the client’s vast customer base.

Rick Woods, vice president of product management, at CSG, said, “The offering is easy to configure and grow on the existing CSG platform, which offers unparalleled functionality, flexibility, and cost effectiveness while supporting solutions in new areas such as big data analytics, fraud management, revenue assurance, and more.”

Officials said that TSM Intelligent Analytics transforms mediation data into meaningful analysis. This allows clients to understand customer behavior in a much better way, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and reduced churn.

Additionally, the solution also identifies trends that can not only generate increased revenue but also decrease potential fraud.

Drew Rockwell, chief executive officer of Lavastorm Analytics. “We are thrilled to partner with CSG to develop the TSM Intelligent Analytics solution because it provides game changing insight for sales and marketing managers, fraud managers, and other decision makers so they can reach new levels of operational efficiency and develop transformational business and technology strategies.”

Last month, ContactCenterSolutions reported that CSG International, Inc. has expanded and extended its relationship with Comcast Cable to provide residential billing services through June 30, 2019.

Edited by Alisen Downey