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Teleperformance Receives Netherlands National Contact Center Association's Innovation Award

June 09, 2014

Teleperformance, the major player in outsourced multichannel customer experience management, recently received the prestigious Netherlands National Contact Center Association’s Innovation Award.

Officials said that Teleperformance’s comprehensive global security framework that enables policies, processes, and people to prevent fraud and protect customers, helped it win the coveted award, for the second consecutive year.

 "It is great to receive the NCCA annual Innovation Award," said Paulo César Salles Vasques, Worldwide CEO, Teleperformance, in a press statement.

He further added: "Many of our largest clients have told us our fraud risk assessment and prevention processes, systems and tools represent a true industry differentiator for us on a worldwide basis. “We are proud that our hard work has paid off by creating the most comprehensive global fraud risk prevention solution in our industry for the world's largest companies."

Security Grid of Teleperformance assesses fraud trends, common and known vulnerabilities in a client's applications and methodologies used to bypass controls within an application or process.

It also protects companies by offering early warning indicators when a risk cannot be eliminated. It also discovers gaps that can put intellectual property at risk and improves internal compliance as well as bolsters data flow security and efficiency.

The NCCA Fraud Risk Assessment Award is one of many accolades marking another banner year of success for the company.

Teleperformance has around 149,000 employees across around 230 contact centers in 62 countries and serves more than 150 markets.

On behalf of major international companies operating in a wide variety of industries, the firm also manages programs in 63 languages and dialects.

Earlier in March, ContactCenterSolutions reported that Gartner has positioned Teleperformance as a leader in the Magic Quadrant for Customer Management Contact Center BPO for fourth year in a row.