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Cigna Hires 100 Customer Service Personnel for Pittsburgh Contact Center

June 06, 2014

With lots of contact center jobs coming back to the USA, the hiring in the contact center space is picking up.  Several companies are setting up new contact center facilities or expanding their teams. Cigna Corporation, a health services insurance provider with global presence, can be added to the list with its recent announcement of an expansion of its customer support team. Reiterating the importance of delivering excellent customer support along with the services, Cigna opened a new contact center in the Pittsburgh, PA area.  The facility creates 100 jobs, which definitely is a boost for local job market.

Recently the company has seen a surge in the numbers of the customers using its medical plan, both nationally and locally. Pittsburgh-based customer service associates have been hired to handle calls from these customers, who are spread across different parts of the USA. In fact, the customer care team at the new call center facility has already begun taking calls from the customers. The company is likely to hire 50 more customer care personnel by year end, the company reps revealed.

Cigna says Pittsburgh was an ideal location since it has the right talent pool for staffing the new facility. In fact, Cigna is well acquainted with what Pennsylvania in general and Pittsburgh in particular can offer. Cigna facilities in the state include its headquarters of the Life Insurance Company of North America based in Philadelphia and its claims operations center in Scranton. The company currently employs 4,000 personnel in the state with 1,500 in the Pittsburgh area working in the company’s health coaching and case management center and in the Cigna disability insurance unit.

“Cigna focuses on meeting the needs of individuals and providing around the clock customer service as a competitive differentiator,” said Julia Huggins, Cigna president for Pennsylvania. “Cigna's investment in the Pittsburgh region stems from a great pool of talent who are well-suited to meet the needs of our customers and from our commitment to being part of a healthy and competitive marketplace in the region.”

Edited by Peter Bernstein