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Sound Telecom Creates Decisive Article on Virtual Receptionists Services

June 03, 2014

Sound Telecom, a major player in the call center and telecom outsourcing arena, recently released a decisive article by Brian Gabriel called “Virtual Receptionist Services – What Are They and How Do They Work?” 

The article explains everything about virtual receptionists, from definition and explanation of the concept and types of services, to costs and benefits.

Readers are introduced to the concept of a virtual receptionist by comparing their functionality to that of a live answering service. Later it explains the readers some of the core benefits of outsourcing this position, which includes expanded support, no missed opportunities, reduced costs, and improved image.

Further, the article explains several of the advanced features of a virtual receptionist like the ability to provide multilingual support and instant email response.

Readers are taken through a real-world scenario that demonstrates the advantages to virtual receptionist services versus trying to keep the position in-house.

Finally, there are a few clarifications made in regards to differentiating a virtual receptionist from executive suite and auto attendant services.

Brian Gabriel, the author of the article hopes that the piece will prove to be a useful resource for anyone considering virtual live support or even helpful for those seeking to learn exactly what a virtual receptionist is.

In a press statement, Gabriel said that: “This support will help you refocus on your daily responsibilities and allow you to grow your business at a pace that is comfortable to you.” He also added, “Employing a virtual receptionist is a time-tested, true way of quickly establishing meaningful support in your organization.” No matter what way you look at it, after reading the article, it is difficult to deny the benefits of virtual receptionist services.

Edited by Maurice Nagle