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CareTouch Expanded Customer Care Team

June 02, 2014

Home medical equipment can make your life more comfortable. In the U.S. this equipment is widely used to support senior independent living—also used by the patients who prefer staying home. Starting from wheelchairs and walkers to bathroom safety items and enteral feeding apparatus, home medical equipment allows you the comfort of your own home when you are recovering from illness.

To be effective, the HME equipment needs to be complemented by excellent, round the clock customer support service. Thus, contact center technology plays a key role in HME business.  CareTouch technology’s call center solutions are geared toward this goal.  The company provides the HME businesses with call center solutions that combine Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology and human elements. Supported by a live, multi-lingual staff, CareTouch ‘s call center solutions are designed to ensure that providers are always in touch with customers and are able to maintain healthy supply levels.

CareTouch caters to those providers offering medical equipment for sleep apnea therapy, diabetic testing, incontinence, oxygen therapy and nebulizer treatment. In the HME market, the providers mostly rely on the IVR only technology when it comes to keeping in touch with the patients. But CareTouch ensures, whenever a patient or caregiver is in the urgent need of an equipment, he/ she is able to communicate with a human being and explain what is needed.  It is this human touch that offers CareTouch a competitive edge in a tough market.

“One of our key differentiators is that we offer our patients the ability to reach another human being at any time during their encounter with CareTouch,” CEO of CareTouch Matthew Dolph explained.

The company reported experiencing rapid growth in recent months, with a steep increase in the number of patient accounts. In order to cope with this, the company decided to expand its call center team. In fact, the team grew by three times since February, allowing the company to pay attention to both existing and new patient accounts. At CareTouch, the new hires are required to undergo training before beginning work at the company’s call center at Westminster, Colorado. This ensures maximum efficiency of the staff and a superior customer experience.

Edited by Maurice Nagle