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Aspect Software Enhances Self-Service Platform

May 14, 2014

There are two major trends in the customer experience space that have captivated contact center administrators and their suppliers alike. The first, self-service, is actually a sub-set of being able to have an omni-channel interactions environment. Customer experience solutions provider, Aspect Software, with enhancements to its solutions portfolio is addressing the needs and opportunities created by those two trends. It has introduced Voxeo CXP Pro 14, a bundle of the new releases of Voxeo CXP 14, an application lifecycle management platform, and the IVR platform Prophecy 14.

Aspect says that the enhancements in this latest release to the Business User Interface (BUI) and mobile Web support, positions its CXP Pro 14 platform as the way for enterprises to build, deploy, manage and analyze customer self-service applications across multiple channels, including Interactive Voice Response (IVR), interactive text, mobile Web, and social media. In addition, since the CXP Pro 14 is integrated with Aspect’s Unified IP contact center software platform its IVR and multi-channel self-service capabilities are significantly extended.

"Aspect’s mission is to make it easy for our customers to engage with its customers. CXP’s continued evolution as the only platform to provide automation across all interaction channels through the same development and operational interface demonstrates Aspect’s commitment to making this easy,” says John Amein, vice president of product management at Aspect. “Further expanding CXP Pro and integrating it with Aspect Unified IP enables enterprises to transform and deliver remarkable customer experiences that meet the demands of today’s consumers."

The Voxeo CXP Pro 14 gives users control of their IVR, mobile, and text applications exposed to the consumer. It does so by eliminating the need for this type of control going through IT or lengthy deployment cycles.

This is a rather comprehensive set of enhancements for the Voxeo CXP 14. They include: 

  • As noted above, an enriched Business User Interface (BUI) enabling non-technical staff to configure IVR behavior without IT intervention. In addition, Aspect says the enhancements allow role-based access, which means users can b assigned to departments for access control aligned with existing business processes.
  • Enhanced support for UI widgets exploiting the underlying jQuery Mobile framework.
  • Improved debugging of mobile Web applications with synchronized views of test client and application state.
  • Access to geolocation functionality in mobile Web applications.
  • New version of CXP Analyzer adds insight on multi-data center data aggregation, backend access statistics, version-by-version trend reports, and more
  • The aforementioned integration with Aspect Unified IP for handling transfer of call data between Unified IP and CXP Pro when transferring calls in either direction.
  • New Web-based IDE for system administrators, providing the same look and feel as Prophecy Commander, the IVR configuration and provisioning interface.
  • Support for Nuance® Dialog Modules (NDM)

"We have been using Voxeo CXP for years to power our customers' self-service applications and recently started to embrace the Business User Interface,” says John Marino, CEO at Waterfield Technologies. “We're excited to see the new capabilities that make it even easier for us to make changes to the production system and take the customer experience on the IVR to a whole new level."

On the Prophecy 14 side of things, there is support for VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V, additional security features and support for LumenVox® ASR engines to complement Nuance and Prophecy ASR for both on-premise and cloud deployments.

Being able to easily configure the IVR as part of providing a better self-service experience to end users is becoming increasingly critical as the desirability of increased self-service has become irresistible.  So to has extending the utility of applications lifecycle management to the critical mobile space as the need for omni-channel capabilities goes from nicety to necessity.  Aspect wants to not just watch these trends but help drive them.

Edited by Maurice Nagle