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Zultys Unveils Enhanced Version of Mobile Communicator for Android

May 14, 2014

Every day the workplace is becomes more dispersed, and the need for fast multi-channel interactions not just with end customers but intra-corporate becomes increasingly important, including between remote contact center agents and their supervisors, having constant communications capabilities on all of an employee’s devices has become almost mandatory. With this in mind, Zultys, a provider of unified communications solutions, unveiled Zultys Mobile Communicator - version 4.0 for Android.

Zultys Mobile Unified Communications solution for mobile devices enables its customers with anytime, anywhere connectivity. The product allows companies to stay in touch, even when resources are on the move, to meet customer and market demands, take advantage of new opportunities and save cost.

Zultys Mobile Communicator is a real-time presence and communications client currently available for Android, iPhone and iPad devices.

"Today's business communication solutions must meet the needs of a diverse and highly mobile workforce and deliver the same powerful unified communications capabilities regardless of whether employees are in the office, working remotely, at home or on the road," Steve Francis, chief sales and marketing officer at Zultys said in a statement.

"As smartphones are rapidly becoming the primary communications device of choice, Zultys new Mobile Communicator 4.0 helps increase productivity and accessibility by ensuring that employees have the capability to work anywhere and everywhere, anytime," Francis added.

Version 4.0 of Zultys Mobile Communicator extends advanced IP business phone system functionality like voicemail management and contact center agent capabilities to the mobile device. The company believes that this version can help mobile and remote workers to now answer contact center agent calls from their Android devices and access the same call management features as their office counterparts.

Additionally, Zultys Mobile Communicator 4.0 also delivers convenient visual voicemail functionality, which was earlier available only for the desktop unified communication client, to the mobile market. Mobile employees can see voice messages save messages, delete, or forward to a coworker with an attached personalized pre-amble message.

The new application is now available to download from the Google Play Store.

Zultys also ensures business continuity for its customers through solutions like Zultys’ MX line of products. Its hosted MXvirtual system functions as a backup to a company’s existing phone system.

Edited by Peter Bernstein