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Wheelings & Dealings:'s Call Center Customers to Be Served by OpenTech Alliance

April 04, 2014

OpenTech Alliance is a Phoenix-based company providing self-serve kiosks, call-center services and other technology for the self-storage industry. US Storage Search Inc. is the owner of various self-storage websites including

The former was looking for opportunities to grow its footprints, while the latter was in a mood to off load some of its services in order to be able to better focus on its core businesses. The two organizations’ mutual interest resulted in an acquisition deal.

As part of its business strategy USSS decided to discontinue offering traditional call center services. The acquisition deal allows USSS to transfer its call customer base to OpenTech Alliance.  Post acquisition, USSS’ call center customers will be served by OpenTech Alliance. The two companies signed an agreement in December to facilitate transition of the USSS customers to OpenTech's customized service, Live! XpressRes.

Packed with advanced call center features like automated call recordings, lead tracking, customized scripts and remote reporting, OpenTech Live! XpressRes service is specially designed for the self storage industry. The service allows self-storage operators to access converted sales opportunities, track marketing sources, and view efficiency summaries and manager-satisfaction ratings. Callers can also receive custom-branded follow-up e-mails that can integrate with OpenTech's INSOMNIAC online rental solution.

It seems that OpenTech's highly customizable Live! XpressRes has many features in common with the services that USSS has been offering. This is what made the deal possible according to USSS president and CEO Michael Kucera. In order to match pay-for-performance pricing structure, OpenTech has reportedly created a new service in style of the USSS offering.

“Given OpenTech's successful track record and willingness to offer a customized service similar to what we have been offering, we felt they would be a perfect fit for our customers,” Michael Kucera commented in a statement.

It would be relevant to mention here that few months back USSS transferred its operations to the management and control of B2 Interactive, a firm specializing in Internet marketing, website design and software development for the self-storage industry through a licensing and marketing agreement. Its call-center services were terminated in the end of January, while the call recording and call-auditing services were terminated in the following month.

“The acquisition has been in the works for some time. USSS had made a strategic decision to discontinue offering a traditional call center service and focus on their core business. We were happy they felt confident enough in our capabilities to trust us with their customer base. Our strategy is to grow OpenTech through internal development, acquisition and partnership, so acquiring their customer base was a natural for us,” president and CEO of OpenTech Robert Chiti, noted in a statement.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker