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How the Cloud Can Shrink the Global Enterprise

April 01, 2014

How do you manage a globally distributed workforce? In the age of access to cloud-based services, you leverage managed networking and cloud services. Decision Toolbox needed just this level of support and turned to Masergy Communications to get it done.

Offering a cloud-based solution that would seamlessly integrate Decision Toolbox’s custom business processes with this calling platform was an important benefit Masergy brought to the table. It not only helped to streamline operations, it also improved virtual employee productivity.

With the application of the Masergy Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solution, Decision Toolbox employees can now make phone calls and instantly view the necessary client information from the job applicant database or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. At the same time, they can update notes and action items without leaving the screen in use.

Recruiters working under the Decision Toolbox brand can now gain access to the tools they need to unified applications, improve reliability and become more flexible. The unified presence provides a more cohesive experience for all employees and customers. Overall, Masergy has empowered employees to increase productivity and improve efficiency now that business processes have been integrated and streamlined.

So successful was the deployment and execution that Decision Toolbox may expand its use of Masergy products, next considering the implementation of the Masergy Communicator client. This deployment would enable a true enterprise-class unified communications experience and expand the benefits of the cloud-based solution.

“Our managed cloud network ensures superior, end-to-end QoS while seamlessly integrating into any existing business process,” said John Dumbleton, senior vice president of business development for Masergy in a press release. “Decision Toolbox is just one example of how Masergy continually helps organizations become more efficient by leveraging innovative cloud-based solutions.”

Masergy currently owns and operates what it positions as the largest independent global cloud networking platform aimed at the enterprise. The company offers fully integrated managed solutions that enable the use of real-time analytics, global UCaaS, cloud-based security and software-defined network control. Masergy is leveraging the power of the cloud and extending it to the customer base.

This positioning in the market and the opportunities that exist in the market were a primary focus of conversation for Masergy at ITEXPO. The company was invited inside the TMC newsroom where they also shared information on their innovative solutions. To get the full scoop on what’s happening in the market and for this key player, check out this ITEXPO video in full.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker