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New Patented SaaS Sales Acceleration Technology Helps with Flexible Pricing

March 31, 2014

Sales acceleration technology has a booming market across the North America. With a new patent at its disposal, ConnectAndSell, a company specializing in cloud-based sales acceleration technology, hopes to make it big in this quickly expanding but competitive space.

Aimed at bridging the gap between marketing automation and CRM, sales acceleration technology is an innovative combination of a number of tools in sales communications, predictive analytics, data visualization, analytics and sales intelligence, contract, pricing and quoting, and many more. In contrast to marketing automation, sales acceleration technology aims at connecting with prospects and customers at the social media sites and elsewhere and leveraging these connections to raise visibility.

As its name suggests, ConnectAndSell’s SaaS sales acceleration technology facilitates quick conversion by connecting the clients with the decision makers at the prospects’ firms, which are otherwise hard to reach. According to the company website, the ConnectAndSell solution combines best-in-class technology and a human touch – cloud-based, outbound calling software and a global network of highly trained contact center agents. While software takes care of the dialing part, the contact center agents work as the clients’ virtual assistants navigating gate keepers, IVR’s, phone trees and other obstacles to talk to the prospects on  behalf of the clients.

The newly obtained patent along with a revised pricing structure is expected to further improve the conversion rates for the B2B sellers, the company reps said in a news statement. The new patent (Patent #8,649,500) will allow for dynamic allocation of agents for outbound calling in an automated communication link establishment and management system, the reps explained. The patent eliminates customers’ compulsion of purchasing ConnectAndSell in one-hour increments. With the addition of Patent 8,649,500, ConnectAndSell Agents can be dynamically assigned to navigate IVRs and Gatekeepers. This expanded workflow in turn has enabled ConnectAndSell to introduce several flexible pricing alternatives for purchasing its solution.

As for example, instead of booking an hour of service in advance, clients can now access ConnectAndSell on an as-needed basis, and simply “pay per conversation delivered” or pay per smart dial.

The clients aspiring to achieve more than 100 conversations per month are typically required to perform 2,200 dials a month on an average. These clients now have the option of purchasing a Named User License (a “NUL”) and enjoy unlimited conversations. A typical “power user” is expected to drive 250-400 connects per month using ConnectAndSell, the reps added.

“The sales acceleration market is predicted to become a $12B industry according to a recent industry study. ConnectAndSell is the only patented sales acceleration technology that is leveraged by more than 20 percent VC backed companies,” CEO of ConnectAndSell Chris Beall noted in a statement.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson