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Aspect Mentor Leverages Real-time Speech Detection for More Intelligent Contact Centers

March 13, 2014

Companies are getting a whole lot smarter about how to leverage all kinds of data to better understand their customers and the factors that affect their businesses, which allows them to act on that information. One of the applications on this front involves employing speech analytics that provide contact center managers with real-time information on calls so they can do things like improve first call resolution and know when to step in to help agents during calls.

Today, Aspect Software introduced an offering that enables just this kind of functionality. It’s called Aspect Mentor, and it monitors voice in the contact center using speech detection. Not only can this help improve customer service and expedited call handling, it also can be leveraged for agent training and coaching and can allow each manager to work with a larger number of agents.

Aspect Mentor also works with popular CRM solutions from companies like Microsoft and Salesforce so contact centers can bring customer history into the mix to create the potential for more personal service and campaigns.

As Martin Geddes mentioned during the opening address at the SmartVoice Conference, which was collocated with ITEXPO in Miami earlier this year, there’s a shift in thinking from voice as two-way audio to voice as information (both within the voice itself and well as externally). A decade from now, Geddes said, an increasing number of devices in our homes will be able respond to our voices; voice conversations will become increasingly different from telephone calls – meaning more dynamic; we will rely less on scheduled conference calls because communications will be more dynamic; and Siri-like digital assistants will become embedded into our calls, so they can chime in with reminders when certain words or conversations warrant them to do so.

At the same time, big data and high-performance computing systems can help a contact center – or, for that matter, any organization – comb through vast amounts of structured and/or unstructured data to capture customer information to allow for the delivery of personalized messages or campaigns. The April issue of CUSTOMER magazine, a TMC publication, will include an article on big data analytics and how it enables personalization.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker