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Nominum Simplifies Marketing, Customer Care for CSPs

February 24, 2014

A new Nominum solution for marketing and customer care enables the creation of measurable campaigns and allows for in-browser messaging with target customers.

Called N2 Applications for marketing and customer care, the solution includes: N2 Care, which addresses subscriber engagement and retention; N2 Engage, which helps communications service providers deliver a personalized and secure Internet experience; and N2 Promote, which enables these providers to create upsell and cross-sell initiatives.

This is important because it lowers the barrier of creating effective and efficient marketing and customer care efforts for telecommunications operators, which spend more than $150 billion annually on such items.

Nominum notes that these solutions can be particularly effective for mobile operators that leverage free public Wi-Fi to do cellular traffic offload. These service providers, the vendor says, can leverage the N2 applications to increase ARPU through targeted offers and advertising via in-browser messages to Wi-Fi customers.

“The N2 Applications open an entirely new marketing and communication channel for CSPs,” says Sanjay Kapoor, senior vice president of business strategy and chief marketing officer at Nominum, which is unveiling N2 Applications this week at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. “This is revolutionary. This new in-browser channel enables CSPs to deliver interactive real-time and highly effective campaigns that are truly measurable.” 

Some of the features of N2 Care include CPE Swap Messages; Data Usage Quota Notifications; Infected Subscriber Alert; Interactive Customer Surveys; Malware Site alert; Service Enhancement Notifications; and Terms of Service Change Notifications. Among the features of N2 Engage are Personal Internet, which provides subscriber-controlled filtering of Web content, personal whitelist/blacklist and time-based controls, which BT and Virgin Media have implemented; and Subscriber Safety, which lets subscribers know when they have been infected, and is in use by Telstra in Australia.

N2 Promote features include Advertising in public Wi-Fi networks; cross-selling network-based parental control; cross-selling premium video packages; and upselling higher-tier broadband packages.

Edited by Alisen Downey