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ProntoForms Releases New Customer Video Testimonials

December 18, 2013

ProntoForms is showcasing the versatility of its mobile form solution with the release of three new diverse, self-recorded customer video testimonials.

These self recorded videos give ProntoForms the opportunity to demonstrate the way to improve customer business processes.

Used by more than 2,500 business customers to collect, receive and submit data in the field, the ProntoForms solution enables businesses to export or connect data to the back office, popular cloud services or other data destinations.

ProntoForms’ mobile form solution for smartphones and tablets has successfully improved business processes and raising productivity for many of its customers including storage building and garage manufacturer TUFF SHED.

Customers can visit the company’s website to view the video testimonial of  TUFF SHED, Georgia pest management firm RIA Solutions and Canadian restaurant operator Fresh Casual.

"The most impactful advocate for any product or service is a happy customer. We are always honored whenever one of our business clients takes the time to tell us and the world their ProntoForms story," said Alvaro Pombo, ProntoForms founder and CEO.

TUFF SHED runs structures in 1,100 Home Depot locations and uses ProntoForms to streamline the management of its sales leads.

Replacing its paper forms with mobile forms from ProntoForms, RIA Solutions is now able to collect additional critical data from customers and offer them quotes more quickly than they did previously.

Fresh Casual operates a Swiss Chalet franchise in New Brunswick, Canada, and is using ProntoForms for its administrative and restaurant inspection processes.

Also available at are the documented success stories of over 40 distinct client of the company. Viewers of these videos will see how they can use this solution to improve business processes and raise productivity.

ProntoForms was in news earlier this year for announcing ProntoForms Deployment Services, a program to help customers deploy or expand faster.

Edited by Ryan Sartor