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ShoreTel Enhances Contact Center Solution for Large Enterprise Customers

December 16, 2013

While most contact centers have essentially the same function – to support customers and maximize revenue from them – the needs of small contact centers and large contact centers are often very different, starting with the very platforms they are built upon: the telephone systems.

In the last decade, the proliferation of solutions for smaller contact centers – a blessing after years when small centers had little to choose from and either had to build their own awkwardly blended platform or try and afford an enterprise solution with features they didn’t need – has meant that small contact centers have a variety of choices.

Many companies have built products for SMB contact centers, only to find the results so successful that they piqued the interest of larger call centers.

Telephone system and unified communications solutions provider ShoreTel has announced the release of a new version of ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center with enhancements driven by the needs of large enterprise customers. According to the company, the ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center is increasingly being used by large organizations that have a need to service more customers in more channels, whether it's voice, e-mail, the Web or a combination. As contact centers scale upward to address this need, they require more sophisticated tools to efficiently handle the traffic. Without such tools the only solution is to add more agents, which is not cost-effective.

Enhancements added to ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center include a way to maximize the number of interactions a contact center agent can efficiently handle, allowing companies to get more work out of the same number of agents without frazzling them. The updated solution uses advanced business logic to define how many and what type of interaction each individual agent can handle – allowing a business manager to tune their contact center for maximum performance without compromising customer satisfaction.

"Large enterprises in particular are looking for new ways to ensure the highest levels of customer care, and with this latest release, ShoreTel delivers greater support for multi-device, multichannel interactions that will improve customer satisfaction while providing greater business insights at no additional cost," said Pejman Roshan, vice president of product management at ShoreTel, in a statement announcing the enhancements.

The solution, Enterprise Contact Center 9, is now available from qualified ShoreTel reseller partners.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker