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Wonderloop Allows Employers and Employees to Connect Through Short Videos

November 11, 2013

Social networking and social media sites are well established these days. That makes it rather hard to break into the market unless you are offering a truly unique idea. Norwegian entrepreneur Hanna Aase hopes that her new video profile application offers something unique enough that it can make some inroads. Dubbed Wonderloop, the application might first appear to be something along the lines of Instagram but Aase claims it is actually quite a bit more.


Wonderloop is currently only allowing invitation only users to check out simple, twenty-second introductions done by video. These videos include hashtags that can relate to their job, goals for the future or intentions. Wonderloops’ intentions are to be able to make quick and meaningful connections through this service.


This application should not be considered something along the lines of Facebook or Twitter. This application could more adequately be described as a video version of LinkedIn. These videos are not necessarily to make friends or find romantic acquaintances. This application’s sole purpose is to make the first connection.


If someone is trying to put together a new film project, Wonderloop can connect with industry investors. The application can allow a fashion designer to reach out to other artists or people in the industry. The best part is that using hashtags makes it easier to find people who might be looking for their own contacts. There doesn’t need to be a connection made right away, but that makes it easier to connect in the long run.


The smartphone application is going to be available on the iPhone and eventually on Android. Once communication has originally been established, Wonderloop will allow people to choose another way to continue their communication through email, their favorite coffeeshop or another social media application. It is the integration into applications like Facebook that could help this app really take off. Instead of directly competing with those that are already established, Wonderloop establishes a working relationship.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker