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NewVoiceMedia Intros a New Twist to the Mobile Contact Center Tale

October 10, 2013

NewVoiceMedia, a global provider of cloud contact center solutions, stole the thunder on October 2 at the Call Center and Customer Management Expo, when it responded to the epic challenge of creating a mobile contact center - in record time.

The challenge kicked off at 10.30 am, and by 11.00 am, NewVoiceMedia's team led by Paul Turner, senior vice president, services, completed the task set for them. This was part of the provider's first workshop designed to show delegates what was involved when a mobile contact center was created right from ground up.

It took less than half an hour to get the contact center ,complete with Salesforce integration, full call flow, ACD and routing capabilities, running.

“This was a radical challenge and the tension was certainly high, but it worked perfectly and we are extremely pleased to have set the world record. This demonstrates just what NewVoiceMedia is capable of,” observed a rather pleased Turner.

NewVoice Media also launched its cloud workforce management solution- ContactWorld – and demonstrated how it could be useful to resource constrained managers, struggling to meet demands of customers.

And, that was not all, for the company sponsored the Customer Experience Solutions’ Theater and enumerated the numerous benefits of cloud technology. It also underscored the importance of digital customer service and explained why 'personalization was a must.'

A cloud contact center, according to Turner, provides a superior alternative to on-premise solutions and can be deployed quickly, which means you are delivering added value to your organization as soon as possible.

So what does this mean for on-premise contact centers, complete with server racks, routers, computers switches and other paraphernalia? Will they cease to be the main center for interaction between customers and companies? Will they be relegated to the background when mobile contact centers come of age?

Rest easy, even if that happens, it's not going to happen overnight. Mobile contact centers have still a long way to go before they actually become main stream. Just as it took a long while for people and companies to understand the benefits of the cloud, so too will questions be asked and doubts expressed about mobile contact centers.

Notwithstanding which, NewVoiceMedia does deserves some credit at least for doing what 'no man has ever done before.' Let's see what it has in store for us at London Olympia, same time next year!

Edited by Ryan Sartor