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Radish Systems ChoiceView Visual IVRs Available on Avaya Portals

October 02, 2013

Radish Systems, a provider of mobility solutions for customer service, announced the availability of the ChoiceView “Voice with Visuals” capability on Avaya Portal platform, including the Avaya Voice and Aura Experience portals.

The company now provides ChoiceView REST API for Visual IVRs, which is designed to transform traditional IVRs from many vendors into True Visual IVRs that work with any network, any phone and most smartphones and tablets.

Once this is done, users can continue sharing during Voice with Visuals live assistance. Users can share any visual content during calls, such as photos, PDFs, forms, URLs, order summaries and video clips.

The advantage of True Visual IVRs is that it leverages existing hardware and software to offer mobile-optimized, unified, multichannel communications IVR solutions with the same fully functional front-end phone number.

True Visual IVRs powered by ChoiceView cuts call time and costs by more than half in most situations, increases comprehension by 600 percent or more, increases self-service opportunities, and improves mobile user satisfaction and engagement.

The IVR does not have to translate database responses from text-to-speech. This results in increased user experience as well as reduction in the cost of hardware and software.

Further, the ChoiceView REST API solution easily integrates with any current IVR, live assistance and business processes. 

“ChoiceView provides a new communications channel for IVRs, with visual menus and visual responses as well as data and photo input,” said Richard Davis, chief technology officer, Radish Systems, in a statement.  “The Radish solution allows existing IVRs, such as the Avaya Portal platform, to become visually-enabled with a script change only.”

The solution does not affect IVR’s call processing or hardware, and mobile users simply call an IVR in the usual way to begin. In case live assistance is needed, the call can be transferred to a service rep with payload delivery and continued visual sharing, Davis said.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey