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Coveo for Salesforce Increases Customer Satisfaction for EXFO

October 02, 2013

Coveo for Salesforce has improved departmental efficiency, customer satisfaction and agent satisfaction for EXFO, which serves more than 2,000 customers worldwide with a staff of about 1,700 people.

EXFO, a telecommunications testing and service assurance company, faces tough competition from other players around the world. The company recognizes the importance of customer satisfaction and this was the reason why it made the decision to consolidate its existing customer interactions into the Salesforce Service Cloud through Coveo.

Specifically, EXFO searched for a solution that could help its service agents to obtain contextual knowledge from across the Salesforce platform.

"Today's fast-paced customer service environment is all about leveraging knowledge in real time,” said Diane Berry, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communication, Coveo.

After evaluating other vendors in the market EXFO decided on a Salesforce search & relevance solution that automatically consolidated and correlated information from across the Salesforce platform.

This information was then automatically presented directly into the agent's context, within the Salesforce user interrace (UI).

Relevant information has resulted in several benefits such as enhanced customer satisfaction and improved departmental efficiency for EXFO.

"The satisfaction of our agents is very important to us. When you work in troubleshooting, you are happy when your clients are happy,” said Brigitte Pare, CRM manager, EXFO. “So when you have a tool like Coveo, which allows you to stop searching for information and spend more time with your customers, it makes them feel good to know they are providing a high-value service."

Coveo provides technology that delivers the most relevant, context-aware information in real time for employees and customers. The company was in news earlier this year when Coveo Service and Support Knowledge Access was named a KMWorld Magazine "Trend-Setting Product" for 2013. This is the eighth consecutive year that a Coveo solution has received this honor from the KMWorld Magazine.

Edited by Peter Bernstein