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Banking Up Deploys Enacomm IVR solution to Enhance Customer Call Interactions

September 25, 2013

Banking Up, a personal finance platform designed to enable banks and businesses to deliver a mobile alternative to traditional checking accounts, will be deploying Enacomm’s hosted, self-service interactive voice response (IVR) solution.

Patrice Peyret, CEO of Banking Up said, “When our customers call the phone number on the back of their payment card, their level of financial anxiety is usually pretty high; we want to guide them quickly to the right answer and make sure that they finish the call reassured.”

Enacomm’s voice processing infrastructure, applications and services are designed to enhance customer call interactions. Its analytics software will be used to help Banking Up’s internal database create intelligent automatic voice interactions. Enacomm aims to enable Banking Up to both design call flows and monitor effectiveness, making changes as and when required.

The adaptive decisioning engine developed by Enacomm will help Banking Up provide real-time access to customer data so that regular customers can be addressed with unique, personalized exchanges. The goal is to allow account executives to quickly and easily give customers the information that they need, which will help maintaining higher satisfaction rates, improve quality of service and information exchanged, and, in turn, increase loyalty.

According to officials, combining real-time data analytics with a flexible dynamic decisioning engine will help any organization reduce costs, increase revenues and at the same time enhance customer retention.

Enacomm Founder and CEO Michael Boukadakis said, “Personalized content in the IVR makes channel containment more effective, often eliminating the need to connect with an agent. Contacts handled with automation are as little as a tenth of the cost of agent-handled calls!"

In August, 2013 Enacomm unveiled 4Cast, a sophisticated customer relationship management (CRM) application that analyzes past and current user data to predict a customer’s future behavior. 4Cast is a “must-have” in Enacomm’s toolbox that enables businesses to create intelligent interactions with consumers to capitalize on touchpoints and maximize customer satisfaction.

Edited by Blaise McNamee